Chat groups for 3.6

I haven’t really tried this yet but have we established chat groups/ friends lists that we can use when 3.6 comes online? I hear we can set the group to use as we enter a ship, and it’d be great if there were OTG ones for us to communicate with each other.

OTG uses a Discord server for chat in all games.

The feature is not live in PTU/ETF testing as far as I have seen so I cannot say how exactly it will work.
But from what I saw in the ISC video you have ship channels that get auto created when you enter a ship, and you auto join them.

Other than that, we will eventually have an org channel when it is an option.

Talos is correct in that we do have a Discord channel already, but if the functionality is there we can certainly default to using the in game. Just have to wait and see what is the better option.