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Hello All,
It seems they don’t have free character transfers unless I’m missing something, I will try to move them so I can be in the OTG Alliance guild. Sadly with the amount of characters I have, I’d have to get two of the 6 character transfers which would be $160 lol. I’ll see what I can do and since all 13 of my characters are 70 I don’t want to redo any. :slight_smile:

When I came back to WoW 7 years ago, I had created a new character just to play around. My previous characters were mostly Horde. I was idly playing a hunter. But when I left SWTOR there was no way I was going to server transfer and change from Horde to Alliance.

So I started recreating my Pally. I eventually did move my old main over to the OTG Horde guild during one of their sales.

I made a big mistake in creating my main - I boosted her so I could raid. After not playing for 5 years, I was clueless. I should have started at 1 and learned all the changes. After that I had my many alts that I created. I’ve enjoyed every single one except the mage for levels 1-50. Basically because I kinda sucked.

Anyway, point is instead of making it a chore, I just played the alts. No race to max level to raid. No pressure to try playing my main and dying. I just enjoyed the game.

When the new xpac dropped a year or so later I’d had the chance to get my main in better shape.

Perhaps something like that could work for you. Just create a new main and play for fun. When Blizzard has a sale, transfer whatever you want or don’t. That way you won’t be paying a lot of money to move pixels around.

Hope my story helps some.

TL;DR: create a new character for your main and play that until there’s a transfer sale. Especially if it’s a faction change. There’s enough new story to have fun.

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I agree with Aerythe. I started in Wow on the Horde side and had maybe 3 or 4 toons. My main was my Warlock. My son had to get into game to teach/help me learn how the game operated generally, and how not to die because I was so inexperienced. :rofl:

Then switched to a shaman because when Legion came out they were in such a good place play wise. I ended up using Ele and Resto specs mostly until I ended up learning how to raid heal on her. At that point BfA came out and that is when I switched to Alliance. But I created a new Hunter to start off with because it was the easiest to play, I also transferred my Warlock when the prices were discounted.

Since I had setup a gameplay slush fund just for my sub and any cosmetics I thought I might want, I had saved up enough for any transfers I might want down the road. Then when I saw an opportunity, I transferred my Shaman and stuck with her to gear her for possible raid healing later on. But I still left my Orc Hunter on the Horde server at the start of BfA should I want to tool around over there on her.

But as Aerythe said, it might be more logical for you to just start a new toon to start with. Pick one you really have wanted to play or just mirror one of your originals. For certain its easier to start from scratch for ability and talent changes have to be considered if, you just boost.

Then later when Bliz’s sales come up, which could be soon because we are coming into the holiday season and they never pass up an opportunity to offer discounts, make your decision then to see if its feasible for you.

If I recall correctly Bliz has implemented the ability to transfer money and toys or something like that over on the same account even if your toons are on different servers. I’ll have to research that because it has changed since I did that.

But if you need any help at all, we will be happy to jump in to assist in any manner we are able to. I know I can more readily that Aery, but you can always chat in Discord and see if anyone is there who would be able to help as well.

To help you out, just let me know and I’ll be able to provide bags (32 slot ones, plus the new reagent bag) so you don’t have to buy them off the AH. I know that you will gain gear really fast in your leveling so don’t waste money on buying gear because the very next drop you get will most likely be a decent upgrade.

Please be aware that Blizzard often runs a sale where several of their character services are available in bulk at considerable savings, and more importantly, do NOT have to be used at the time of purchase. I am pretty certain that they just did this for about 2-3 weeks just before Brewfest started, and I might expect that they will offer this again during Thanksgiving and/or Christmas.

With regards to the Character Transfer service that you may require, 1 normally costs $25, but they are also normally available at 3 for $50 or 6 for $80. During the sale, these prices will be reduced to 1 for $17.50 or 3 for $35 or 8 for $80. Obviously, you do not have to transfer all your characters and simply do the ones you truly want. Either way, they now become tokens like the character boosts so you do NOT have to use them immediately and can save them for the future.

Also, Faction Changes and Race Changes now work similarly. As of that last sale, they also started offering those Level 60 Boost tokens at 3 for $100 on sale, but you may already have a boost saved up to use on a new realm as well.

Regardless, you can also take advantage of the new cross realm trading feature to transfer gold or items to your characters on new realms possibly making spending anything a mute point. If saving money is a priority, then you may wish to consider leveling a new character normally while you wait for a sale and can make a best plan for your needs. I have actually seen a new guild mate of mine level to 70 in just 6 days without Time Walking, and TW is available atm.

Hope this helps!


Ok ty will keep a lookout.

I’m in a similar boat… I’m thinking of creating an evoker on the server. But it would be awesome to see events created in Discord not just in game calendar so those of us who don’t have the funds to switch 10 characters or are hesitant until we see how we mesh could join in some activities. Would be super nice to sign up my existing toons and join other “old timers” events/raids/… :slight_smile:

Alliance doesn’t have signups or post to the in-game calendar since we are spread across 3 guilds.
we have a set weekly casual raid every Monday & Friday at 9pm EST with invitations going out starting at 8:30pm EST. Anyone is welcome to join our raids, the only 2 caveats being level 70 and the set minimum ilvl for the content we are doing. Currently for Abberus that was ilvl 390 (which is what Blizzard mandates for LFR). We are at the end of the Season so our weekly raid has flipped a few times, we have done the Skip then on to Heroics, & this week I think we are heading back to Achievements after the reset.

If there are any non-raid events we usually post them in Discord and change the Guild Message of the Day.

Here is the link to the Alliance Raid Info

Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask, want a faster answer, i suggest posting in the OTG Discord section, since that is where most people post these days.