Character thoughts for Starfinder

My latest character is drow.

So all of the talk about dragon monks in the other thread has gotten me thinking about Dragon Ball and that inspired me to come up with a new concept for my character for Starfinder. She will be a time traveling Tiefling Technomancer of demonic ancestry with white hair and blue skin who is seeking to open a gate to a long vanished demon civilization.

Incidentally, she is also Chaotic Evil, but don’t worry about that!

PS - Just kidding about that last line there! But maybe she could be Chaotic Neutral (or just plan ole Neutral if we want to avoid murder-hobo stuff). Also, incidentally, I thought this character could make a fun template for a demonic bloodline sorcerer in pathfinder if we ever start playing a second night each week.

PPS - I got the original character idea from Towa of Dragon Ball Xenoverse :smirk:

… Tiefling Technomancer of demonic ancestry … who is seeking to open a gate to a long vanished demon civilization.
… Incidentally, she is also Chaotic Evil…

This is why we can’t have nice things.

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@Ocelot I can tell you that character would be hard to fit into the Dead Suns campaign. Chaotic evil would be more likely to join the baddies than fight against them.

Just to earn brownie points with the DM, my drow character is a LG future star-paladin!

Just to earn brownie points with the DM, my drow character is a LG future star-paladin!

I see what you’re up to here. You may be fooling the DM, but you’re not fooling me :roll_eyes:.

I sense a disturbance in the Force—oops that is a different franchise. Ok let’s give it another generic name…I sense a disturbance in the Energy, as if someone is trying to grease me up for a laser sword.

Just watch out if someone points out a 100 humdred credit bill on the floor in front of you. You’ll likely be taken by surprise from the rear. /Whistle

Hey now, what kinda campaign do you think I’m gonna be runnin’ here? :smirk:

Short, Fast and very satisfying?

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Ohhh but I know y’all long to reach the high levels so prepare for long, drawn-out and probably painful.

Hey now, I’ve been married before… Your not my type…


Awww, lookit the prospective Starfinder player who thinks he is gonna have any say in the matter. I will be known as GMX and “X gonna give it to ya!” But don’t worry, you won;t be alone. At least 3 other people will be sharing the load…err the burden :wink:

Great now we are talking commune… :starts to look around for the kool-aid:

Ahem…this is RPGing, it’s called an adventuring party thank you very much.

So with my b-day coming up this month what Starfinder book(s) should I get for Fantasy Grounds? I’m thinking I am at least going to pick up Alien Archives 2 and maybe the Armory or another Alien Archive. Does anyone have a preferred playable race that is not in AA2?

I think Armory trumps the AA books, 'cause it’s easier to enter stuff for one race that is planning on being used by-hand into FG than it is to enter 6 bajillion items.

I’ve started preliminary work on my character book. That’s correct, I don’t have character sheets, I have character books.


  • female drow, LG
  • first level solider, what happens after :man_shrugging:; backstory would make sense for operatives, vanguards, soldiers, solarions, envoys, technomancers, and maybe even witchwarpers and mystics; biohackers, and engineers wouldn’t make sense
  • Noble Scion theme locked in
  • stats obviously in flux since I don’t know eventual class(es) after level one
  • f**k you Paizo, I’m multiclassing
  • I’ve got two accents ready to go to voice the character; trust me, it’ll make sense
  • images of real world hot actress to use as face: check; learning how to drowify said images and still make them look good in photoshop: work-in-progress
  • started collecting art/stills of armour, weapons, and on location shots in appropriate videogame
  • family tree and history started work on
  • initial design pass (napkin sketch) of map of family compound and/or office tower

I might even have enough to run a one-shot adventure we’re some of y’all could/would play a party of adventurers hired to get the character from Apostae to Absalom Station.

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Couple of questions for y’all. Does anyone mind if we have more than one melee or ranged dps in the party? The reason I ask is because I have feeling that as with AoA, it is going to take me some trial and error to settle on a character concept.

Last night, I got really desperate for some murder hobo-in’, what with only having one game night a week and all and I made a character to hopefully join one of the mmo chapters of the guild here. That said I got really inspired by cat people.

So I’m wondering if there’s a cat people player race in Starfinder. I did some googling and found “Cat-folk” but that honestly seems more people cat than cat people. So in other words I’m looking for an option that is more human than cat if that makes sense.

Also, all of my character concepts so far have been Chaotic-X alignment so far. My first choice would be Chaotic Neutral for the technomancer and Chaotic Good for the soldier. Are either/both of those off limits @Ryukan?

This is Starfinder baby, anything goes! OK ok, maybe that is stretching it a bit. I don’t try to set too many limits if any when I DM. I do frown upon evil alignments as I feel evil PC alignments don’t really fit well within the idea of an adventuring party of hero types out to stop evil which is often the underlying theme of any campaign. @Rando, remember waaaaay back when you were announcing the AoA campaign and said you could be a dick as a DM…me too hehe. I have kicked people out of games for playing jackass evil characters that couldn’t gel with the campaign. Personally, as a DM I do not go through the effort of setting it all up, buying all the materials and giving up my time as a player to have some player or players satiate their need to play evil ass dickhead characters to muck everything up. Now I did not say all that in reference to any of you in any way at all, just wanted to illustratehow I can be a dick as a DM hehe. If a player can manage to play an evil character that fits within the campaign and doesn’t constantly do stuff that sets sets me on edge and makes me grind my teeth then fine, I can work with that. But yeah I’m not big on evil aligned PCs.

@Ocelot there is indeed one whole feline race in all of the three Alien Archive books. The Pahtra (Starfinder: Alien Archive 2) are a race of humanoid feline beings along the line of Khajit from the Elder Scrolls games and Tabaxi from 5e. In Starfinder the Pahtra were one of the races subjugated by the Vesk (starting race from the Core Book) when the Vesk went on a conquering bender and only quit when they were threatened into by the combined might of the Pact Worlds into a forced alliance. (Look DM, learnin’ that backstory y’all!).