Character Choice

Hello this is Roltharian my main is a level 70 DH i been playing wow since Vanilla
My question is what is your favorite toon and what perked your interest about that class??
I like DH because of the mobility and damage he does.

Druid! So versatile.

Hashberry i played a Druid for a while and i really struggled, its funny how players find there class they are good at, I like my level 70 monk also

My favorite is a Beast Master Hunter… I love playing it, although sometimes the pet do what they want instead of what I want. Right now I am leveling a Druid because I want to try my hand at healing or letting my team mates die. That can be fun too… :slight_smile:

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For me it is probably a tossup between druid and shaman, with the caveat I haven’t played either in Dragonflight.

Druid because it was my first every MMO character, I like the class aethestic and versatility, and I love HoT based healing. I rarely dps on my druid.

I find dps on resto druid a snoozefest, though, which is where shammy comes in. I enjoy the healing almost as much as druid, but resto sham also brings fun utility and dps buttons to press. I also really enjoy ele shaman dps, though less than I did in the days when it was more mobile and had more totems.

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