Chapter Invites suggestion, yes I'm pissed

I would suggest the officers offer or direct members to a company that IS available. The conversation that I just had has left me furious which is on me. So picking a company ahead of time and signing up meant nothing. Gotcha. Making a post in discord ,asking for a invite before it says the company is closed, also does not count. Again, Gotcha. Don’t blame Amazon for mis-management you all knew ahead of time the limit of each company would have.

So after I get the double whammy was I offered help to find a home in a company? Nope… left to my own devices, it’s on me to figure it out at that point. Again, I’m pissed and that is my fault but this does not “feel” like OTG.

It’s a sign up not a queue. So far we have 5 guilds in the game the first 3 are full. Sigma, and Mu are currently available. It’s not easy standing up a chapter like this. Please be patient.

Kalnath, I am sorry this happened but we have been absolutely buried trying to move everyone over to the new official server. I see that you signed up for Epsilon but that one is at limit. Sigma is open atm and effectively the same type (non PvP) Company that Epsilon is. We are leaving a small buffer open in each Company so we can do moves once the dust settles so that everyone eventually ends up with their core friends and can play together.

Since we use the Faction chat in this game (Syndicate) instead of Company chat, it doesn’t matter nearly as much which chapter anyone gets in with the single exception that Theta members are expected to defend our turff in PvP (and assault others eventually)

Last night there were some Covenant PvPers trying to take the fort from us in Windsward so we were pretty busy dealing with that.

We will get you situated tonight, for certain.

Bambi, Thank you so much. I’ll post in the Sigma text channel for an invite. :smiley:

No problem. Remember, we’re having to get almost 500 members situated and on top of that we had to move servers first night! :wink:

The member limit is especially annoying as we have to staff 5 guilds…lol