Champions online

Hi to anyone there. I recently started spending some time in CO. Then I looked and found there are/is no OTG chapter info on CO. Did it die or did it get missed in the move? Any help here.

There is an SG but no one plays. So it’s sort of unsupported as it’d be dead from an OTG perspective like Tera, etc.

IMHO if you plan to be active look for another supergroup.

I truly appreciate and understand the angst of missing your favorite superhero game.

The word I am getting is we do not have enough players.

If you can get enough ppl together who knows. I want to be clear I am not anyone to promise it could happen just advising with enough active players…

Ok got you. I was just wondering though. Do you know who the last supergroup leader was? I would like to get into the group if possible.

Thank you for volunteering! :smiley:

Unfortunately I don’t play CO any more since they bleeped up my account completely way back when. Lost all my toons and account statuses :stuck_out_tongue:

ouch. They got it a bit screwy now too. Free to play - sort of. No new content. Still lvl 40 cap. Like its the game that time forgot.

I am @gary0515. PM deets. Don’t remember if we need to be on together or I can send invite while you offline.

no idea I will look it up brb

Ok yes you can invite offline. My ingame name is hothead@gary0515.

I play once in awhile. I LOVE my Force power character. One of the most fun powersets ever.

If you hit me up on Steam let me know if you are playing and if I can, will drop in!


TY received.

I’ll try to do the same when I get home but hit me up on Steam in the meantime. When do you play usually? I am in EST timezone and am usually on in the evenings off and on. Will be around more consistently after my son leaves for school next month. :frowning:

Pretty much all the time. Mostly evenings as well. EST myself.

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Awesome. Playing a lot of Borderlands and Overwatch with my son currently but will hop on CO when I can!

Oh what level are the people playing? I got altitis, don’t remember if my main even made it to 40, have to check lol

As far as everyone else goes, it seems to be a mixed bag. You can have up to 250 toons. There are a lot of lvl 40 I am using a silver class toon and its at 23.

I have like a screens worth of toons. You can have 250?!? I need to get to work!!! :wink:

What powerset(s) are your fave?

Apparently I do have a free slot on the first screen! I’m shocked!

Ranter is my main (derp) and my other characters are:

  • Kid Defender
  • C3POMG
  • Doc Cobalt
  • Shaft
  • Paragon
  • Dashing Demon
  • Toydar
  • Snake
  • Extremis
  • Voidwalker
  • Secret Apprentice

I had fun creating them all even the ones I barely play lol

I also love how some characters have headgear that pops out of their slot! :smiley: