Champion of the Forbidden Reach Achievement - Thursday 4/20 9pm EST

The Achievement Champion of the Forbidden Reach requires you to kill every Rare in the Zone.

13 of these Rares must be summoned using special items crafted by every profession.

I have obtained all 13 of these items and will be completing this achievement this Thursday 4/20 at 9pm EST.

Every other rare in the zone is easily farmed over time and you might have snagged a few of these profession Rares while in the area. They typically do not live long due to a very low health pool compared to the Silver Rares of the Zone.

Anyone who wishes to come is welcome, we will form up in the Village at 9pm EST and work our way around the map. We can also hit any rares in our path to get people further along in the achievement. The last Rare will be Warden Entrix, while not a summoned rare, this rare is deep in the War Crece behind many groups of elite mobs. Majority of players no longer fight their way to this rare once they lifted the loot lockout on the zone. It wasn’t good time management at that point.

Champion of the Forbidden Reach is also part of the overall Zone Achievement “You Know how to reach me” and will unlock the title " (Name) The Forbidden"

Again, this Thursday 4/20 9pm EST to whomever wants to attend.



What a great idea for a guild run. I’ll meet you at the village! :confetti_ball:

Sounds fun! I’ll bring Tank/Healer/DPS as needed/requested.

Love it!

Just bumping it to remind people this is tonight - Thursday 4/20 at 9pm EST