CD Projekt Red details size of Cyberpunk 2077 map

That’s one hell of a say nothing empty article. Haha. But I’m really looking forward to this game!

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Yeah the video is the meat of it.

I’m just so stoked for this game. I used to play Cyber Punk 2020 by R. Talasorian Games back in the day, with their amazing Friday Night Fire Fight system.

And to hear it is big and first person… ohhh it’s on! :slight_smile:

We played a lot of the Cyberpunk PnP RPG. And it’s nice to see who all are working on this title.

If anyone can pull it off, it’ll be CD Projekt Red.


Woohoo! Should be out anytime between now and June! Really looking forward to this one, especially after the last few disappointments I’ve had with games.

I have fond memories of playing the Cyberpunk RPG back in the day. Really looking forward to this I know it is gonna suck me and keep me in front of the PC for too many hours at a time.

so many good games in the pipeline for this year, WILL ONE OF THEM JUST COME OUT ALREADY FFS !
ok i’m good now, waiting patiently.:+1:

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The first one in my list is Feb 26: Anno 1800.

I tested the first mission for this last year and it was very good. Your choices matter very much in what you do. This was a public demo I tested,

Looking forward to this title.

Check out the 48 minute gameplay reveal on the official youtube channel if you haven’t already.

I am amazed at how this looks, The map is huge…