Caves - HMMMM?

This is todays Inside Star Citizen : . They talked about using the caves for mining as well as a secret reason to have them. My guess is smugglers boltholes. They have a lot of similarity to some of the abandoned caves I have seen in Arizona.

I love the concept of caves, the reality however sent me into a quite literal dark place and lots of hyperventilating.

They look great. They also have nothing to do with space flight simulation so I am reservedly excited about them.

Not sure how I feel about this? I dont particularly care for caves in other RPGs. The prospect of running out of air while I am lost in the cave sounds even less appealing.

I am curious to see the mechanic of FPS mining they working on though.

Simdor, did someone pee in your post toasties? You seem to be glum a lot lately. The game can’t be all fight or die. Well maybe mostly, but players need other things to do. I don’t like PVP except occasionally, but I will risk it here if RSI gets the game to work on 10% of the stuff its promised. We have all these world maps going in place, so we can fight or exploit the map as we choose. The vehicles that have come out this year are pretty clear that’s the case. Imagine taking over someone else’s world, then trying to keep it. Like it or not whatever we do as a guild, its going to have world/surface gameplay.

Yes someone did.
Erin Roberts, CIG management and the expanded project as a whole it would seem.

Don’t get me wrong, I am still 100% on board. I still love the game, but for the first time in months, years even, I am logging in less than 10 hours a week. That has not happened since the version of the game started with a 1.

This push back on the Road Map has really gotten me thinking. Hard thinking. And the question I keep coming back to is this:

Can the management team at CIG handle this large of a task?

And right now the answer I see is probably not. They have incredible developers who are doing shit that I really would not have expected them to be able to accomplish in any amount of time. Server meshing has always been something I could not wait to see. It is a part of the project that is near and dear to me because it is a theory I came up with 10 years ago. To see someone else charging down the same path and likely to succeed is exciting to say the least.

But the more I see developed the less enthusiastic I become. Caves are nice, and look very well done. But who gives a fuck when we can’t do the most basic thing the game was intended to provide, Space Combat.

I get it that there are different teams, hell I preach that in response to similar posts from others. But there is a point where the frustration with watching the game twirl in the wind is just overwhelming.
Sure, at the next concept sale I will be all excited again and buy 3. And perhaps this is a reflection of my personal health situation right now having just come out of a pretty intense surgery just 3 weeks ago and yet still I am in “recovery” mode which sucks ass.

So yeah, I am bitter, jaded, frustrated and not just with the game’s development though that is certainly on the list.

I am not against surface play. In fact I think it is critical to making this game work. Looking at other games I can see where SC will surpass them because of the things that it has that are not space combat. Things take time, there is a team, small but dedicated, to making space flight better. There is a team that works to fix and balance things like weapon damage, shields and their giant holes, and ESP and floating pips that don’t hit the target. It will all work out in time. This I know.
It is just hard to get excited about caves when all of those things have been on the list for so long.

Give me a month of healing and another concept sale, I will be fine.

LOL ok bro. I hear you. For me the best time I had in space combat was back in 2.0. Nowadays when I fight all I get are pirates who don’t move until they are blown away and I don’t take damage until a couple of minutes after the fight. Then I’m blown away. Was that way in the old flight model too. Seems to me the update cycles are inop.