Catch Up with Safari

Yeah we did finish and had to pick up an otg member because some random left. maybe we could switch weights because I have no problem putting on the kilos i’m currenly 95 kilos

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sheesh that’s nothing I’ve got shoes older than that . I lost 3 inches in 1980 after my accident and probably another 3" after my divorce lmao, so you got time to go yet. I might have to start playing Wow again if that’s where you end up. Fresh start because all my accounts are in Europe

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Is it here yet? Is it here yet? Is it here yet ?


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Have I told you lately that I love you?

No it’s not here, it’s not even ordered yet. Because of my weird ass requests I have to talk to them so they understand what I want. That means I have to get up in time to call between 10:00am and 2:00pm because it’s Saturday here.

Then the second issue is they are seriously over worked because the whole IT industry is under the pump because of everyone needing things for work and schooling at home. So there are serious delays. The postal service also seriously delayed because of lack of flights to transport and a shit tonne of deliveries to do.

Maybe by 2022. That’s a joke if you are reading this Senzo. I told Duvago I’m going to see if I can get my other rig set up again and updated. Need to do it anyway for the Husband. The real Husband not the in game husband.

Talk soon

Hugs from Safari

@JGP thank you so much for all the effort you put into my gaming rig build and especially all the explanation in easy to understand terms.

I truly miss siphoning information from that brilliant mind you have. What I’d love to know is what game/s you are playing lately. Anything with lots of shiny?

I’ve spoken to the husband about going over budget and am going to up it by another k.

Hugs from Safari

I would still go with Intel rather than AMD , I used to build and sell both and stopped the AMD line as we got too many returns. Now this was a few years ago now but the chips still run hotter and use more power. I still wouldn’t spend my hard earned cash on them from personal experience. There are people who swear by them however rather than swear at them. We used to take the fans off a running system and start the stopwatch 20 seconds or so later the top of the amd processor flew off and hit the ceiling, The intel chips just shut down after a blue screen but still worked when they had cooled down . Intel chipset on motherboard and Intel cpu in my opinion is the best choice.

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I’ve posted this in the wrong place Doh Told you I was getting Old dammit

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You can always use that fancy edit feature.


But speaking of things blowing their lid, I have a funny true story to tell you. But I will have to load up the notebook because it’s long. I’ll do that later on. I’ve got to make the cats food for the week. Today was seafood Sunday. But it was so bloody cold the meat didn’t defrost yet after 16 hrs. I made it a hot water bottle, so it should be good to go soon.

This story I’m going to type out is true BTW. But only in my household could something like this happen in the first place. It’s all Daisy’s fault.

Hugs from Safari :smiley:

I really do not have a single game I play consistently. To many games are set up as “Games as a Service”, and the strict time limit of these type game has me playing offline games. I also have not reinstalled many games I had on mechanical hard drive to the SSD drives I now use. Had a nearly full 5 TB hard drive fail, and the time to reinstall all that data just seems wasteful. I still throw money at early access games, and may never learn the lesson that pipe dreams teach.

I am around though, and some fun social online game might lead to me being active more often again.

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Get your WoW chapter stuff sorted @Duvago and anyone else who is going to rejoin. Umm also do WoW Classic. I saw @Senzoba and @Alphea already organized.

I can’t remember if I bought the service pack after Warlords of Draenor. The one they made mechanical beasts and gnome hunters. I think I preordered it but never played it.

Anyone know what the latest expansion name is?

battle for azaroth and the newest one coming out is shadowlands. And I think you did get legion because I did as well but then you had your accident

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@Duvago you need to post here because of the new system it won’t be automatically applied.

Don’t be shy click this and post

Don’t make me do it for you because you know I will

Replied @Safari .

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Still NOT Asleep @Duvago makes a demonic face

Don’t forget to join WoW chapters. I couldn’t figure out what I had to do with WoW Classic. But I sorted out the WoW one.

@Alphea I have 2 level 100’s :stuck_out_tongue: Duvago does too. But don’t go too far with classic WoW because I know from talking to @Kelryth that it’s on a different Server for the Vanilla experience.

For regular WoW Anvilmar and Undermine are linked make sure you install the Greenwall add-on it’s the multiple guilds guild chat room that @deakon set up way back yonder because there were just too many altaholics playing.

It’s awesome and makes sure you can talk to all guildies regardless of if they are in Old Timers Guild or Alt Timers Guild. Just like we did with SWTOR because of the guild member cap didn’t allow for humongous size guilds like OTG oh and the server links for Anvilmar and Undermine meant us Altaholics could double our toon numbers YaY

I need to sleep. Ask @Duvago why it’s his fault I’m NOT Asleep at this ungodly hour of 5:44am yet.

Thank you my dearest Senzo @Senzoba

I knew you would know. I can’t wait to run with you all. @Duvago can explain what’s happening here today. Part of the reason I’m not asleep yet.


Ok, two posts from @Safari invoking me to explain. I guess i’m explaining to @Alphea and @Senzoba Apparently Safari can’t sleep because I sent her a PM saying I reactivated both of my WoW accounts and upgraded them to the next expansion because I knew she wanted to play WoW again and WoW Classic in particular.

The expansions came with boosts to 120 and 110. I used the 120s to boost my alliance priest duo from 50 something. Been playing with those in Draenor. I never finished that content before and now everything melts in one shot.
I still have a pair of lvl 100 Paladins, but I looked at their quest journal and bag contents and it was all just too confusing. So I went with boosting the priests and its like starting with a clean slate.
I’m basically relearning the game again.

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She is like a 5 year old child on Christmas morning what do you expect lol

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@Safari You can post in the recruitment thread of the classic faction you’d like and then find a recruiter in-game. or post in the discord wow classic channels

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@Duvago Maybe we could group up I finished some of draenor content still need to get the pathfinder achievement so I can fly there then maybe do legion content

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And… I have muscle arriving soon to help put my office to rights today. Which means talking to you all will be one step closer. On old pc at this stage OMG the updates I’ll have to download.

LoL @Alphea and of course @Senzoba

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