Catch Up with Safari

Shouldn’t be an issue. I do that often and just did now.

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you want me to show you where it did behave like that?

@revzman lol don’t say yes because it was about 100 posts ago hehe

Defo yes then lol. Just jokes! We’ll figure out what you’re doing wrong, no worries, lady. :wink:

XO xo xo

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Read this RATBAG!

OMG Who said I did anything wrong, Click that link above and you will see what I mean. The FORUMS (NOT ME) auto edited my post and removed the quote

it was pointed out you were talking at me not safari. so i better answer before you beat me up. it didn’t take me long to get burntout on wow again. i’ve put about 300 hours on grim dawn lately. messed with the original bards tale for a few minutes today. i’m hoping i don’t get burnt out so quick on new world when i get to play it.

These forums (Discourse) do not let you quote an entire post. The developers consider this a feature. To reply to the whole thing, use the Reply arrow IN the message you’re replying to as opposed to the one BELOW the thread.

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@revzman see Juulz is one smart lady :smiley:

Thank you for solving the mystery on the auto-editing Juulz, I am hypothesising that the only reason RevZ was able to do it is because is has administration level access, so same ruulz don’t apply to his attempts at analysing functionality as a regular blue level member. hehe

I am also further guessing that those with Orange level access like yourself and potentially Yellow level access might also be able to bypass this “feature”.

Yeah I respelled Rules as ruulz just for Juulz :smiley:

I wouldn’t doubt it, but it seems an odd granularity. Let admin quote all but not a user. shrug That’s why I’m not the backend admin and just responsible for the frontend. Wait. Um. Oh forget it, it’s too early to figure out a better phrasing. I’ll just let it stand as is.


Edit: nope, wouldn’t let me do it either and I do see a tag called “full:true” so I wonder if I manually set it to false if it will work.

And it even says it in the edit. Odd.

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It’s a spam prevention thing.

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You know if anyone was to try and follow the conversation they might be justified in thinking we escaped bedlam. Hehehe

But up there I was talking about Avatar picture association, you’ll have to scroll way way back to the very first messages of this thread to Re read it, but OMG @revzman, you were featured in my EB Games newsletter look your famous as any RatBag I know.

Looky look here

But I know very well that you are NOT rated PG. That was for the game above the hard drives box.

Seriously though I was like OMG there’s RevZ


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I’m a huge Cyberpunk 2077 stan, what can I say??? :smiley:

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After watching all the influencers shoot their way around cp2077 i’m ready to pick up a baseball bat and make my rounds with it. Tell november to get here.

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So @Duvago told me it is a long weekend for you lot on the other side of the world and I am going to go to bed really early tonight so I can play games when more of you will be online.

I’m super super Happy because I finally ordered and paid for my new gaming rig :smiley:

Talk about totally blowing the budget. I went a little crazy it seems. But really this is me, what else did you expect?

Hugs from Safari
PS: You lot better make an effort to catch up with me, I’ll be hanging out in the channels at the top of the channel list. EVERYONE IS WELCOME REGARDLESS OF WHAT YOU ARE PLAYING.


I know I said I would be at the top of the channel list but I just discovered that my fave room is back so you’ll all have to come there instead.

It’s a party weekend for America HAPPY 4th Of July to all those that love America and it’s people. It’s been the 4th of July here for 1hr and 13mins.

So be sure to head into drum roll…

Bantha Steak House

It’s a sub channel of SWTOR

YaY thanks @elvis that was an awesome surprise you sneaky RatBag but OMG it made me very very happy

Hugs from Safari

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@Safari Haven’t seen you in a few days everything alright

@Senzoba I have been playing, you are the one incognito again.

I’m always in the Bantha Steak House Channel, sub channel of SWTOR.

I don’t always get on during the week because I have to get all my jobs done my Tuesday - Friday (your Monday - Thursday)

Tuesday is kitty litter and trash day so I have exhausting work to get done for kurbside rubbish collection.

Wednesday cleaning the rest of the house and making the cat food.

Thursday ties up any other jobs around the house and bagging the cat food into portions for each of their meals.

Friday is my day of rest but my mad cats will usually do something that will require extra cleaning.

I can’t do much physically these days so I have to spread it out across the week. I totally changed my routine so I could keep my weekend free for gaming.

So I basically try to keep hours with Duvago. The toons we made just hit level 50 and we only just arrived in tattooine. The XP gain is ridiculous. We stopped doing planetary quests shortly after landing in Kaas City because we were so over levelled. But the game drops you down to you planets maximum level.

We do the heroics before we leave for the next planet to gear up. The story is phenomenal as always. I’m loving playing again.

I just spent 10 million credits on the GTN for the data cubes so I’ve almost bankrupted my entire account. But it was worth it.

Hugs from Safari

Holy crap that was a lot of reading… How are you all :slight_smile:

I am alive and doing well. Not gaming as much lately… kinda bored with what is out there.

Fredolf I just can’t believe you would read back through it all. I don’t think there are many people who could get through an entire post of mine let alone an entire message thread.

If you truly did read it all I hope you got a badge for doing it.

It’s nice to see you still about. Maybe this pandemic will inspire greatness in someone, so that they may make a game that catches your interest again.