Cash Shop Deals

Figured it might not be a bad idea to have a spot to discuss deals when they come up on the cash shop

He doesn’t mention it in the video but I do believe both the crystal and the monthly sub deal are one time purchase. I’m assuming that is what the yellow outlined heart represents in the cash shop.

Lost Ark - Don’t Miss This Insane Store Deal! 6-Months Of Crystalline Aura For DIRT CHEAP - YouTube

I like Codiak and Legacy Gaming…they seem like a genuine bunch of gamers who are around to share and have fun…plus the deal seems great if you want the little perks but they are assuming you’re going to be around for six months. Tbh, I’m not sure I’ll be here a month from now. Fight a bunch of mobs…fight a boss…bunch of mobs…a boss…etc. Many games follow that theme…but what bothers me is I started a 2nd character and I was already bored with it in this ‘alt-friendly’ game. If you don’t mind doing everything over yet again…same bad guys…same npcs shouting the same things as you run by…I’m starting to falter here on Day Three. It’s just me and I don’t mean to be Debby Downer to you guys having a blast. I would like to get to having a Stronghold but the idea ‘the game begins at 50’ bothers me. The game begins when you make your character and head out to find the Ark. I just hope your journey is free of doubt.
/semi-rant off and sorry about that :smiley:

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I am not sure I agree or slightly disagree…i have had like at least 3-4 near 15-20 levels.

And maybe it is just so much new shiney that each of the classes has played vastly different or slightly different is better, that the shinyness didn’t wear out ‘yet’.

But do agree if it doesn’t change on the 4-5th alt playing through it again could be a daunting task and somewhat more tedious.

And yea the only taking supposidly 20-25 hours to hit max level seems odd for an mmo.

You dont have to wait all the way until 50, you get the stronghold at like level 30 or so. I have one now. 3 days played and I have 4 toons on 2 servers, I did not rush this either, I did most of the side quests.

So did I. I have my Stronghold, which seems fun and I like crafting…we’ll just have to see how long things stay shiny. However it goes, hope you’re having a good time at your gaming!