Devs were out and about flying them as teasers last night so I fully expect to see it in game (PTU) today.

Assuming that they do release it to PTU today…
They will likely offer them to all accounts on PTU, but just in case they do not, if anyone would like to check it out I will be around tonight in PTU making Carrack tours.

I know there is no actual exploration mechanic in game yet, but I am pretty excited to see this one get added in.

Can’t wait to see them in engine!

SO I was streaming to Discord for a good bit over the weekend and will probably do some more this afternoon/tonight.

If anyone wants to jump in the PTU to check it out, just let me know here or in Discord.

Really impressed with this ship. A+ work.
It has a couple of bugs still, and one or two things I think they should change. But it is easily one of the best designed and built ships we have seen in a long time.

I upgraded to the expedition, love the new look.

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Played a lot on the PTU, probably going to be on the Live build quite a bit this weekend. Been doing missions in my Pisces. Note to the wise: don’t take on any mission involving combat…

At all? For any reason?

Meh just had a bad experience on one of the “take out X listening probes” where one of the ships that spawned was a Cutlass and it creamed me in about 2 volleys

Okay. I am in love. I love the way this ship feels, moves, flies. This is, as they say, pod racing.

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What is the difference between the 'rack and the explodation 'rack?


Paintjob (But I like it)

Hmmmm… tempted, but if my Carrack is part of an LTI package, will it still get it if I upgrade? Kind of don’t wanna risk it… lol


I think it being part of a package isn’t a problem, but I do not know for certain. Mine is upgraded from an original physical Rear Admiral pack.

There are still significant shield holes on most ships.

The more guns on a ship the more likely it is to hit one of those holes. The AI Cutlass runs 6 guns and has more shields than the average fighter so it sticks around longer. Better chance for it to hit a hole.

Combat overall is getting the big review now anyway, but we have heard that a few times.

Mine is part of a package and I upgraded no problem.

Just pay attention to which upgrade you are getting.

Due to the fact that the packaged Carrack comes with a pisces that is not explicitly listed, they had to be creative with the upgrade.

So if you have a package with a base Carrack and base C8 Pisces you need to either get the upgrade to an Exploration Carrack and C8 or Exploration Carrack and C8x (exploration model Pisces)

It is possible to CCU yourself out of your Pisces if you get the wrong one.

Here are the flavors of CCU that exist:

List A
Base Carrack w/o Pisces -> Anything from B
Base Carrack w/ Base Pisces -> 2, 3, 4 or 5
Base Carrack w/ Exp. Pisces -> 3, 4 or 5 ***
Exp Carrack w/o Pisces -> 4 or 5
Exp Carrack w/ Base Pisces -> 5

*** here is the dangerous one. You can get 3 and ‘lose’ your Pisces

List B

  1. Base Carrack w/ Base Pisces
  2. Base Carrack w Exp Pisces
  3. Exp Carrack w/o Pisces
  4. Exp Carrack w/ Base Pisces
  5. Exp w/ Exp Pisces

The good news, even as complicated as this may seem at first glance, is that if you get the wrong one you can just CCU again to fix it, and it doesn’t cost you anything extra since the value in your pack remains the same.

So if you have something like the 2948 Exploration pack and you want to get the Exploration Carrack with the Exploration Pisces, you would want the upgrade to the Exploration Carrack with the C8X Exploration Pisces option.
If you just want to CCU the Carrack and not the Pisces (for whatever reason) then you want the CCU to Exploration Carrack with C8 Pisces, NOT the Exploration Carrack only option.

CIG certainly could have simplified this entire process but in their desire to grab more cash they had to work within the crappy CCU system that is available in their store from Turbulent. It is a mess, but not as bad as it first may seem.

Just pay attention to what you are upgrading TO and you should be fine.

It should have been called the Normandy skin.

It’s my first love, I have the new paintjob and love it. Need to install the game and actually go walk around in it for a bit…then uninstall :stuck_out_tongue: