Carrack vs. Carrack Expedition

Can someone clue me in as to the difference between the regular ole Carrack and the Carrack Expedition? I am not finding anything yet that details what makes the Expedition variation different from the standard variation. And thus I am confused about some package differences.

I have the UEE Exploration 2948 package which seems to have been phased out for the UEE Exploration 2950 package. The only real differences I can see between these two packages is that the 2950 package comes with the Pisces and a Carrack plushie. But there is big ass price discrepency between those two packages. I can melt my Exploration 2948 package for $695, but the Exploration 2950 package is $1100. What gives lol? I’m not upset or anything, just curious. I don’t see what would constitute a $400 price difference; is that Carrack plushie worth about $300 because the Pisces is a cheap little thing hehe. I want a Pisces to put in my Carrack since I can’t shove a Terrapin or a Freelancer in there, I can get one a lot cheaper than upgrading to the 2950 package :smirk:.

Only difference I can see is the old Carrack should hold more SCU then the new ones with with CBX as the CBX will take up cargo space used for SCU’s. (IMO)

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Hi , The ONLY difference is the Skin. normal one is just grey ish and Expedition is white with red highlights.(the Expedition version/skin is more expensive)
Also the price is probable that it just keeps going up up up!
You also have a bargain package dont melt it!!! just buy a Pisces to go with it :slight_smile:
or you actually may be able to get the upgrade to include the skin and matching Pisces , mine says this in hanger …CARRACK EXPEDITION WITH PISCES EXPEDITION.
the better pisces has 2 extra guns and matching livery.

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@Talos that would be incorrect. The CBX goes in the hangar which is not part of the cargo space.

But Kaylon is spot on, there is only paint difference between them


Guy’s CR has said that as things get closer to launch, prices on ships would go up.

And they have, consistently.