Can't get anything out of the guild bank

Can’t get anything out of the guild bank. What’s up with that?

Which side?

And what is the character name who is having issues?


Toon name is Kerry Freedark @gary0515

I’m going to have to let @Andargor or @Demiclise look into it. Your toon is at section 31 level. And the permissions seem to be set right or at least the Fed side is set the same as KDF side when I checked just now for that level. I did promote your toon that began with a letter T to Section 31. But since I have no idea beyond what I did I don’t want to muck around with it and mess it up.


I checked the permissions, and tested with one of my Section 31 toons, and cannot reproduce the problem.

Can you try with one of your other characters on the Federation side? I looked and they are all Section 31.

If it persists, can you please tell us in detail what you are doing and maybe give screenshots if there are errors? Or even a video? That would help us help you :slight_smile:

I haven’t looked since then. I have been having some ISP related lag issues. That might be the root of the problem.

If anything wait for one of us to be on we can boot you and reinvite/promote you it should fix the problem.

It works now. no idea what or how.