Can't CCU to the Raft?

Is it not purchasable at all? I apparently missed its sale but I really like the look of it.

Yeah it is limited availability for some reason.

Call it limited availability and twice as many people will impulse buy it.

I was considering CCU’ing my MAX to it, it’s a cool looking ship, then looked at the specs…the MAX has 25% more storage space? Are the storage numbers on spectrum reliable yet?

For those two, it is. The Raft, has much less cargo capacity then it feels like it should. They should add a row or two of those storage containers to give it some comparable capacity to even the Hull-A.

With the Cargo refactor they are saying the external/easy to access cargo grids will have a faster turn-around than the internal grid ships. Guess it is a freight vs. cargo kind of thing.

I think it was the Sub ship this past month so should be upgradable to for a time. I love the way it looks, but with less capacity and an additional crew required to get the same job done, the Hull-A makes more sense.

Some YouTuber was speculating that the Raft will be a lot more maneuverable, which might make some things easier and maybe trips to places like Orison bearable :slight_smile: I forget which video it was since I just queue up a playlist while I’m doing chores.

Since it was last month’s subscriber ship of the month, it should be on sale this week (probably Monday or Tuesday).


I may have a CCU to the raft laying around if you want it Mac. Let me check and I will PM you

I’ll keep an eye out for it, maybe it’ll come again. I’m on the fence, concerned about the Max (38m long, 122 cargo, min crew 2) is shorter than the Raft (39m long, 96 cargo, min crew 1) yet carries 30% more cargo. I like the look of the Raft, but not sure the look is worth the loss.