Cannot go forward

My mastery exp bar is full so all exp is wasted until I get one more MP in PoF zone … but I cant! I just spent 5 hrs trying to find something that didnt require other than a raptor. I am working towards canyon jumping. I cant even finish the story because…

to finish the instance.
Back in the open world, start collecting the 12 crystal shards indicated on the map. To collect them all, you need to get the Springer mount, and in order to get to that, you need to unlock the third Raptor mount mastery, Canyon Jumping, to cross Highjump Gap

so. I cant really play the game anymore. I don’t wanna go back to wow :frowning:

There are 6 mastery points that can be earned in Crystal Oasis that don’t require a springer or better mount if I recall. I think that’s enough to earn canyon jumping mastery. The full list of points is here.

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You can also check your achievements for a particular zone/story episode. The mastery insights (those just on the map) are listed there.

If you need help getting to a particular mastery point, just ask. I can probably get there and portal you. There are a few that are sort of annoying even if they are on the open map–either weird to get to or mobs around that make it difficult to finish the channel.

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There’s also the HP/MP and Bounty trains you can keep an eye on in LFG to join. For bounty trains, besides the XP (which, granted, you’ll still need that 1 MP to unlock the next level before the XP can be used) I believe there’s if not achievements, possible MP points to earn by getting them all in a zone. But, most if not all, the HP trains only require you to have a raptor as they provide assistance in killing mobs as well as portals to the hard to reach places. If you catch one of those ta the beginning, you’ll have plenty of MP to spare, :slight_smile:

I had a WAYYYYY harder time getting HoT MPs than PoF so let us know when yer online and we’ll hook you up with PoF points.

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If you see me in game, I’ll help you get one.

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Used the tip about bounty groups and did as much as I could but I had map fog.
I have searched in vain for a map online showing the location of portals to zones. All I see are lots of jackal portals but I just got skimmer… that is a long way off.
I just need to be able to see/locate the portals to next zones

Sorry if this sounds confusing because the interface is very busy, but try this: Go to and navigate to the world map (there should be an option for that over on the right side. Then, in the upper right corner of the map pane, look for the Display option and click on it. Then enable Show zone gateways. Then you can zoom into the various maps and there will be a little swirly icon for where the zone boundaries are.

Hope that helps.

Incidentally, contains a wealth of information about the game, including when certain bosses spawn. However, it takes a while to understand everything you’re looking at.

Edit: I just noticed that the zone gateways don’t show up for Path of Fire zones, but it does lift the fog so you can see where the roads move into other zones.

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Thanks! Wow what a site!
My current problem is that even on this map I cannot find a way into The Desolation from Ebon Riverlands. My character is sitting there and the only portal I can find is a jackal portal. I cannot get jackal until I get skimmer to level 3 = more MP which have been the bane of my existance in game.
Even with a skimmer and springer… almost every MP sits wayyyyyyyyyyy high on a peak with no visible way to access other than using a helicopter.

I need to keep uncovering the map in that area because the bounty group was there and I could not follow them.

I was wrong, thankfully. It was a portal and not a jackal portal. All that time wasted lol.

Glad you got it figured out. By the way, on the world map, under the Display options, you can also turn on Mastery Insights, which will show you where every mastery point can be earned. It does not indicate if a special mount is needed to get it, but it at least shows you where it is in the zone.

I have level 3 springer so I am now moving forward, lol. (or rather ‘up’)

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