Canadian Potato Salad | Deviled Eggs

Hard boil and cool eggs and place in fridge untill needed

Peel and cut potatoes

Cook Potatoes until they break apart easy

Strain well

Then place in the fridge for a few hours.

Peel eggs and slice 6-8 of them and put in bowl

Add Mayo


Black Pepper

Garlic Power

Mix thouraly and sprinkle Paprika evenly over top

Slice rest of eggs

Add Mayo and White Pepper and a pinch of salt

Top evenly with Paprika

:slight_smile: :canada:


Two quests in one, thank you!

Potato Salad
+10 Constitution for 5 min
10% chance melee dmg taken causes entrenched for 10 sec, cannot move, all phys dmg halved

Deviled eggs
+10 Strength for 5 min
on any hit 10% chance horns become visible on your head and the smell of rotten eggs lingers for 10 sec, opponent is knocked down for 3 sec and anything nostrilled within 10 ft is nauseous for 10 sec -10% all stats

Stacking bonus

Entrenched causes knockdown to anything nauseated within 10 ft
Horns visible while entrenched, all phys dmg halved again
Any proc causes sound of flatulence

Adding a little ginger and/or cinnamon is also very nice for these.

I am thinking the cinnamon might go well with some grated carrot and the ginger might go well with some diced celery.

I’m going to try both. I will let you know how my test kitchen momjudge likes it.

there is supposed to be celery, radishes and green onion in the recipe but I don’t like those two and i was out of green onion (i love green onion :frowning: )

I’ve never had radishes in my potato salad. I’ll add a tsp of salt to the potato water, I also add diced dill pickle, onion (either yellow or white) and celery in addition to what you put in there. To the deviled eggs I’d also add a little (for that many like 1/8 tsp) mustard and some bacon bits. Oh and overall less paprika more of a garnish then a coating…but then I’m only like 1/16 French-Canadian and have only visited Canada a couple times never lived there. lol