Can we restart posting our gamer tags?

I’m on Xbox 1 and my gamer tag is BaronVonTomas. Feel free to add me. I’m terrible at most games but I’m funny. I have most of recent stuff.

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Howdy, I posted in the old list on our previous website, but it’s good to get the info again.
My Xbox gamertag is Old B52H Gunner.

I think my gamer tag is “Always Killdare”. I’m new to the XBox 1, having picked it up to play DayZ but as time goes on I’ll be adding more games to my library.


Will be playing all the new hit games on xbox until I build a new computer in late 2019.



Playing RDR2 atm

Same here, I am playing most games now-a-days on my xbox. No dinero for a new pc. Gamertag is The Runx. I am on most nights. Would enjoy playing anything with OTG folks again.





mine is rattler44 xbox1 playing dauntless and world of warship legends.

jokes420 here and on Xbox Live, try to keep the same tag everywhere. feel free to add me, i play weird hours but play alot of different games .

XBL: Floyd Da Barber. Going to be playing Gears 5 on Xbox and PC.

My Xbox handle is: Sarkon

hi everyone,

my name is richard and my xbox gamer tag is : brraaainsss
rdr-2, gta v, farm together, ghost recon, battlefield 3, cod

mature, humble 4 similar.

and best regards

xbox gamer tag: RevZMan123

jokes420 on Xbox Live
sorry been awhile since i been on the otg site.
Life with all this crazyness and all…

I’m Wont and I’ll be an Xbox Lead you can add me “OTG Wont”

Formally known as Haggan, new gamertag is Som3whatDamaged