Can I get re-invited?

My Warframe account is Goat61. I was active in the Warframe guild. I log on every day and usually visited the dojo every week or so. Today I found out I got booted, possibly because of the 30-man max. I hardly ever saw anyone else on. Or maybe it was because I stopped logging on the OTG boards. I had trouble with the instructions to switch boards, but I’m back on now. Do I have to get re-invited? Please help. I was worried whether we would have enough active members for railjack, not whether I would have to find a new clan.

Goat you were removed from the clan because you are never in discord, which is required. Especially with railjack coming we need the communication so discord is needed. So to get back in join us in discord and when room is available you will be reinvited.