Can anyone help .... Battle of Dazar'alor

Would anyone be available to help me complete this “Battle of Dazar’alor” so I can wrap up this quest line?

“Defeat Jania Proudmore …” is the goal. I can slug through the trash mobs but the first boss has 800k health and a skull.

I’m off the next two days (Tues and Wed are my normal days off not weekends).

Thanks : this would be for Cette

You might be able to grab a pug group, you wouldnt need a whole raid. Not sure One person would be enough to assist you though. If you do get a group going I would be more than happy to assist.

Thanks for responding … I appreciate that. I have a coworker who raids every day … keystone 99’s or something like that with her boy friend. Tik spent a few tries with me, after I posted this, and we had a fun time giving it a go.

I’ll see if my coworker + 1 can spare the time if so I’ll see if Tik and yourself are available.


The question comes down to which side? Alliance or Horde?


Well … uh … Defeat the terrorist leader Jania Proudmore. Bad awful person. :slight_smile:

Me don’t think the alliance wants to off Jaina. Just sayin

we can probably get a guild grp to do this in a week or so. I know of at least 3 people that if I asked them would be willing to help out. issue I know of is finding tanks. otherwise it should go fairly easy with Level 60 toons.

I should be able to help as well.

What evening works best for you? I can tell you that Sun - Wed is going to be difficult to help you.

Currently coming to help in a week time frame is:

Juulz (Depends on day and time)
Endressa (Depending on if she’s available)

I will ask 3 more people yet. We will get this done for you. I will edit this post as more people state they will help…

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Depending on day/time I can help.

i can tank if need be

I’m game, just need to know when.

Well first I’d like to thank everyone for responding … what a great example to my experience over the 10+ years being part of OTG.

I’m thinking, no real science behind it, four or five level 60’s vs. 50 trash and bosses but more the merrier. Tik hung out with me for a few deaths trying our hand at taking down the first boss. It was a pretty fun time actually. Reminded me of those old Everquest trial and error Named attempts. I have a co-worker I’m also going to ask and if she has the time her boyfriend will help I’m sure.

I have a week of vacation submitted for the 4th through 8th of October. Maybe we can re-visit this then and see what/if day and time works out?

Cheers - thanks again for such a great response - have a great day! - Tom (cette)

ok I’m fine with that. :slight_smile: I will say remind me closer to the date of I will forget.

yes please

Will do … once my vacation is approved I’ll touch base again see what day + hour might work.


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