Camelot Unchained Dev Conversation on State of Development

This is a dev interview covering a wide and interesting range of CU topics. It makes me wish there was a beta to be played, but by the sounds of it, it is still pretty early in development (I hope they take their time):

From Mark on Reddit today. Looking forward to this.

“I can’t wait till 4PM. Since July, we’ve been working diligently, quietly, and well, behind closed gateways on what we are going to show you all today. Some of our Backers have already been playing/testing this, and more of you will be joining us next week. Then, as the poem said, all of our Backers will get their chance.”

And it turned out to be a PVE game that has very little in common with the RvR game that CU was touted to be…

Yep, very disappointed with what was shown.

I have been a backer for two years. I played DAOC religiously. I believed in Mark and CSE.

No more. Refund request made.

My takeaways are that CU development is in trouble and this new game is a way to deliver something quicker to boost finances and possibly morale. It’s been a long slog developing CU and this sudden shift is like Tony Stark getting a cheeseburger after getting back from the desert. I understand Mark’s claim that both games run on the same engine and that development on one is benefiting the other, but I’m skeptical of it actually speeding up the release of CU. I believe Mark genuinely wants to deliver an amazing game, but I worry that his vision is too grand.

I will stick it out and hope for the best, but backers definitely have reason to be pissed.

I’m not refunding, I was just hoping to see a jump with in the development of the game.

I just requested a refund. While it would be great to see a new DAoC, I just dont think they are going to deliver the game they said they would. If they do, I feel its going to be a very long time. I found it very odd they wanted my address and phone number for the refund though. My Paypal transaction ID and registered email should be enough. I didnt give them my address or phone number. Ill have to see what happenes

Still no word on my refund and been 3 months. I doubt I will ever see it just like I doubt this game will ever see the light of day.

They asked the same for me and I told them no , they do not need that info.

The way they are going I would anticipate a lawsuit in the years to come.


Got notification this weekend that my refund is being processed through Paypal. I will take that $80 and buy something else.