Calling Future Elden Ring Players

Hoping there are a handful of players that are excited for the release of Elden Ring in a few weeks? I played through Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls to prepare and now I can safely say I am incredibly excited. I haven’t watched much of the online content for fear of spoilers but I’ll be diving in deep on launch day. I’ll be playing on PS5, not sure how the co-op system works exactly but it will at least be fun to help each other out in tricky sections. I played pretty standard strength builds for my last couple souls games and am planning to go with something more pure magic this time around, should make things more tricky.


I’ll be playing although I am sure Elden Ring is going to up my stress level and have me inventing new swear words and phrases…If I lived with other people and had a quarter swear jar it would be overflowing after playing Elden Ring some and I’d be broke for sure, but the only ones that have to listen to me yell at games are my poor doggos.

I’ll be playing on the PC. Elden Ring comes out two days before my birthday which falls on Sunday the 27th so I took the 28th off work for more gaming time.


I ordered the PC version. I had to order a game pad to use, too. I’m going to try the game, but my progress will be slow. There will be jumps. I will miss the same jump 8-12 times. It will get ugly. :grin: 2 of my “kids” are going to play it, and told me about George RR Martin’s involvement. I can’t reist that.


Hola folks! I pre-ordered the Xbox version.

Holy cow these reviews! Sheesh. Trying to keep my expectations in check. I’m not reading it them because… well… spoilers. But just the headlines and the scores. I’m pretty excited for Friday. Kinda wish I didn’t buy the physical disc version. :slight_smile:

Several of the reviews mention performance on the PC needs some work and that it’s smooth on console. These reviews do not have the day one patch from my understanding. Hopefully the day 1 patch will resolve this.

I’ll stick to the Xbox version since that’s my gaming platform these days. Overall, I’m looking forward to getting off of work Friday and playing.

Is OTG going to have a presence in this game?

I think we are it right now. Given that the game isn’t persistent it feels like swapping invites for co-op sessions would be the main thing we could help each other out with?

At this point Elden Ring is the biggest disappointment of the year to me so far. It feels like nothing more than a copy paste Dark Souls game with George R.R. Martin’s name slapped on it. And the PC version is straight up shit, an easy mode crap console port. I won’t play this until they do something with the PC version so it is not a freaking straight up port of the console version. 10 my ass.


Oh man, bummed to hear your aren’t digging it. Not sure what you mean about “straight up port” I think it was their aim to have the same game on all the platforms?

And for sure on the Dark Souls bit. Miyazaki definitely has a style he likes. If you didn’t like any of the soulsbourne style games, this likely won’t be for you. I’m expecting it to be kinda like Dark Souls and Zelda BOTW had a baby. Hoping my physical disc arrives soon!

I know what Dark Souls games are like I’ve played them all including Bloodbourne. The PC version is a lazy port of the console versions not optimized for the PC in the least. Here’s a few things you can look forward to in the PC version

  • locked to 60fps
  • janky camera control
  • no ulta-wide support
  • crappy FOV with no FOV adjustment options
  • all the button prompts for the PC version show up as Xbox controller buttons

I bought it yesterday than returned it 20 minutes later, I refuse to go the controller route on my PC, guess I did not fully realize that is how the DS series roles… no thanks on using a controller…

Well, look, the Dark Souls games have always been sort of niche. But in fairness, if you’ve played and LIKED the previous Dark Souls games (or Sekiro), you’ll friggin’ love Elden Ring.

  • They’ve all been locked to 60fps
  • They’ve all had the same camera control, which is fine. Except the mounted camera control, which is new to Elden Ring…and janky.
  • FOV is the same for all of them, and not adjustable
  • Button prompts can be changed in options, though it’s oddly under the “Sound & Display” settings. Just tell it you’re using a keyboard.
  • No Ultra-wide support is accurate if that’s a dealbreaker to you. Though, again, none of its predecessors have had it.

As far as the George R.R. Martin aspect…I dunno. I always figured any contribution of his would just be bonus. Not like he was ever gonna impact gameplay. :smiley:

Just finished my first play session of about three hours on my PS5 and it was everything I was hoping for. Really feels like BOTW and DS had a baby. Difficulty feels easier than DS but also way more open ended so I’m sure you can get yourself in trouble as a result. I did a couple of the mini-dungeons / bosses and am on my way to the first main area called out by the first NPC you talk too.

Used the co-op system once so far and it worked great. Looking forward to helping guildies out as we all get further in the game.

I’ll respond with positive and negative thoughts regarding your response.


  • Button prompts. OK I totally missed the setting to change it from controller to keyboard orientation so @dreadhead thank you for pointing that out. Takes away some of the jankiness now that I don’t have to guess at what button the prompt was referring to in terms of keyboard commands

  • The camera. Yesterday when I started playing the camera had both a lag and a twitchiness to it. The camera was not smooth and felt jittery or twitchy when looking around and stuff. Today, after the 9 meg patch the camera is smoother, but there is still some camera lag. So it is better, but still feels a bit janky.


  • FPS locked 60. Sorry no matter how you spin it this is totally negative thing. It smacks of console-centric development with nary a thought to PC optimization.

  • No Ultra wide support. It’s not a deal breaker, but right back to lack of PC optimization in the development. Saying that it was like that in previous games, just like the 60 fps lock does not look good for the developers or the engine.

Anyhow, I’m gonna give it an other go today after I play around with the camera settings a whole bunch to try and get rid of that camera lag I am seeing, because I want to like the game and enjoy it.

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Yeah, man, I get it. Valid complaints, all. I just wanted to make sure people understood that if you already play, and enjoy, the Dark Souls games, you’ll love Elden Ring.

Fair chance all these things will be addressed by the Devs…if not, mods certainly will. :smiley:

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How’s everyone doing? No spoilers! :slight_smile:

I’ve been playing my brother a bit and experimenting with the group multiplayer password and it works very well. So if we ever wanted to help each other out with sections we could just set our password to “OTG” and then drop a summons. Sadly this is platform specific I think.

I’m about 20 hours in and still having a ball. As my brother says, every direction you turn there’s just so much game.

Both unlicking FPS and UltraWide support can be enabled, however the downside is that they caution if you play online your account could be flagged by the anti-cheat software they use with Elden Ring thus they suggest playing offline which is what I do. Lots of threads out there if you interested.

The PC controls are sub optimal and I’m using that as an excuse to learn how to play with an XBox controller. Boy talk about a major change after playing keyboard and mouse for the past 30yrs. It won’t replace ESO but its a beautiful game and is definitely challenging.


Quick update. Now 75 hours in and I’m maybe 1/4 through the second major area. Sitting in the low 60s lvl-wise. If anyone needs help with any bosses in Limgrave let me know (PS). This game is just so gigantic. Have stuck with my pure Sorcerer build and have avoided all guides and spoilers. It will be fun to see everything that I missed after I finish the game (which at the rate I’m going will be just in time for the release of the inevitable DLC).

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I’ve been playing since launch, really like it but I’ve liked all the Soulsborne and Soulsborne like games I’ve played. I’m going to suggest OTGER as a multiplayer code, just in case anyone needs help, wants someone to play with. I’m playing on PS5 but it looks like crossplay is possible.