Calling All Devs - Insurance Timer

There is mention of how CIG is planning to implement the insurance timer in this video at the 5:25 mark. Rob Reininger (lead technical designer) stated that he thinks it will be based on real world time (while player is online I presume) and not game time.

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Further clarification on the insurance timer is provided in the Calling All Devs post attached.

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this is a subject that people have different opinions on and is not covered much…
but 1 thing this video does clear up is the time, 6 months of insurance is 6 months of real time , log in or not…
they did not go over that all systems will have a risk lever and you can get insurances for risk level 1 to 5 and insurances will not pay out if your lose anything in a risk lever above level 5 and they will have insurance for the ship, mods on the ship, and cargo.

I was worried about that and kind of expected it. With this revelation my old concern of having to pay fees and such for my ships I’m not flying re-surfaces. I log in, day one, and owe 10 million in hangar/ship ownership fees because of the size of my fleet. It’s why I’m hoping all of my ships are “packaged” and don’t start accumulating anything, including insurance decay, until I “unpack” them.