Call to arms question

I was running some bounties last night. I had call to arms active for the bonuses. I was pretty much done playing and went to dock at P.O. for the night. After I had landed and before I got out of my ship I was targeted and some PK er’ decides to start shooting up my ship while on the pad. I had not aggro’ed him earlier so there was no prior engagement. What im curious about is how he was able to start shooting my ship inside the armistice zone as your not allowed to pull rounds inside the A.Z. unless you have call to arms activated and use it against crimestats. I did not have a crimestat. The only time Ive been killed on a pad prior is by pad ramming but thats just suicide bombers. I am curious if call to arms somehow makes you red to a crimestat so that they can engage you as well. I just can’t figure how he was able to shoot me inside the A.Z. otherwise. To my credit though I still managed to take off with a half blown up ship with only 3 guns left and no tail fin left and engage him to make some kind of go of it. He still got me but at least I went down with some kind of fight. At least I didnt just roll over and die like a coward. Does anyone know how he was able to do this?

A while back they made a change to the armistice zones. Most space stations you can fire ship weapons while in the zone but can’t pull weapons out for FPS. PO is PK central because of it’s proximity to Grim Hex “The only place you can land with a crime stat”

ahh, good to know, now I understand. thank you

Another thing to note is that PO is probably the least well defended station with minimal turrets and open pads. Every other space station now has strictly hangers for landing and a multitude of turrets which will open up on any aggressors once you are inside their range. CRU-L1 is a much safer place to land than PO

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Pad killing has dropped significantly from its high point, but is still an issue as are other kinds of griefing. The only solution, at least as of now, is to be aware and take prompt defensive action.