Burning Crusade Classic Pre-expansion Patch Launches MAY 18TH

Prepatch hits May 18 and BCC launches on June 1rst

I just ran across this article, where it appears Blizzard seems bent on making Classic separate from Burning Crusade.

  • A patch planned for May 18 will introduce some of the expansion’s features early (like the ability to play as blood elves or draenei). After the patch rolls out, all WoW Classic players will have to make a permanent choice: Move their character forward into the Burning Crusade or choose to keep that character contained within the original WoW Classic version.*

Hardly seems fair to block those who have gleefully jumped into Classic and are excited about the new expansion coming out, only to find they will not be a blended whole…but separate and …‘costly.’

Nothing new here its just EA/Activision pandering to their shareholders again rather than the customer

no, you can either stay on the current server and play bcc, freely transfer your character to a classic server or pay money to copy your character and play it on both the bcc server and the classic server.

Yes, Classic and Burning Crusade Classic will be different installs

This is how I assume it will look like. Retail and Classic have their own executables so BCC will probably follow suit.


It took me awhile to understand it, but I’m glad Blizzard is making Classic and TBC Classic separate games.

Classic will always be Classic and nothing more which is what all the players who came from private servers wanted. They didn’t want to progress to TBC and maybe later on, to Wrath. But there are players who do want to progress to TBC, so they can take their Vanilla characters there or level up a new character if they wish. The third option is having your toon in both games (for a fee). It all seems fair to me and a win/win/win situation (players/Blizzard/shareholders).

Can’t wait for TBC, but I’m also planning on continuing in Classic. It’s been a lot of fun.

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I am confused on why the two needed to be separated. Content is done on Classic, if you want more story to do go thru the Portal, otherwise stay on Azeroth sitting on the beach sipping cocktails. Why did they need to put up a wall?

Who knows with Ion/Blizzard. I stopped trying to make sense of some of their decisions because they did not make any sense to me and if I said anything they would ignore me.

It isn’t just the new levels that are being offered in BC, it’s any game play changes that were also made, QoL improvements, etc. That completely changes the Classic experience, and for many, even ruins it. So instead of forcing everyone along that path, they’re allowing the Classic experience to remain relatively untouched. I like that we’re able to pick. Or heck, pay and NOT pick.

Except this is the option they had planned and talked about for some time. You still keep each toon. If you want to split that over more than one game instead of picking, you pay. If you don’t want to pay but still want to be active on both games, you re-level. Standard options, altho a straight copy isn’t usually a choice, even for cash. So it absolutely IS pandering to the customer. There was a lot of clamoring for choice. Bliz had done a lot of polling before the pricing was released. I suppose we have the poll-takers answers to thank for the cost. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s what was confusing me (at first) about TBC being separated from Vanilla. I didn’t realize that the levels 1-60 in Kalimdor and EK were present in TBC, and as Hashberry wrote, with the Dark Portal being open in EK, there is affect throughout Azeroth, and it’s no longer the true Classic Vanilla experience.

Also, there is a 4th option that is catering to players and that is one free character boost to level 58 per account. Players, like me, who came very late to Classic and wouldn’t see level 50 in another year (I don’t play very much, but leveling in Classic is very slow), can boost a character and play content right off the bat. And as far as I remember, no paid boosts are offered. If I boost a character, play TBC and don’t like it, I haven’t lost anything.

I’m still going to play both Classic games. Both are at a speed that I can enjoy at my own pace.

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I like the strategy they took, very cool.

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Thanks to @NoobTaco for posting it on discord. :slight_smile:

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Is anybody really considering cloning a toon… to my line of thought is that the non TBC world will be very empty…

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I think it might be dependent on the players situation. I’m considering cloning one of my characters for several reasons, and in my situation it makes sense. It all boils down to … time.

The short of it is: considering the very little time I am playing, cloning means I can take advantage of getting my foot in the BC door (boosted character and all current low level toons) because BC was my favorite expansion; and keeping the other foot in the Classic Vanilla door (1 clone) so I can experience the original Vanilla and not have to spend another 2-3 months of my time leveling another fresh toon to 20.

And even with an empty Classic Vanilla, it won’t be much different than what I’m experiencing now. I’m not going to do any of the dungeons or raids. Just quest and professions. Same with BC. :grin: