Broken Ranks - turn based, 2d, isometric MMO


Anyone else come across mention of this game? Broken Ranks is a 2D, isometric, turn based MMO game that sounds like it could be the closest thing to playing tabletop D&D in a video game style.

It sounds pretty interesting and as I love tabletop RPG gaming (in the digital age especially) Broken Ranks sounds appealing. It just ended an open beta so I assume it launches soon, but I have not found a release date yet. I’ll be checking it out and reporting back.

It looks interesting although not really my style of game… something to watch for all the same.

Speaking of…Open Beta 2 is this weekend Sept 17-19. I got an email for it and don’t remember even signed up! They must be intuitive! Or maybe Old Age has reared its ugly head once again. From what I see on the main site it looks like anyone can play and you can download now. There are a number of interesting classes and while you can play solo I have a feeling it could be fun with friends. I read some blurb like this was a turn-based MMO which I found odd and not so creditable but if its like a D&D session co-op seems more in line. Anyway, I’ll probably be around as Rance if they let me use the name or it isn’t taken. If you give it a try…hope it’s fun!

Closed (sorta) beta is on Jan 25. They have a pre-order thing on their site so you can get in and do that voodoo that you do so well!

edit: upon re-reading their site news this is actually their launch date. Who knew!