Broken Heart Syndrome

Until yesterday I was only slightly aware of this medical condition but did not understand everything about it. It was not something I thought much about, that is until my sister called me yesterday morning explaining she was a victim of this syndrome. She spent this past weekend in the hospital being evaluated and tested.

Her message to me via our conversation was that too often many women (and some men) who experience this do not seek help immediately. Its fortunate that she understood what seemed to her to be just a bit of stress overload, because she recently retired from the medical field.

This past year and a half has been horrible for so many of us which has caused so much stress. She said its important to ‘pay attention’ to things happening because they could be more than you realize. Sorta hits home for me because I’ve started using projects and other things to destress myself.

Broken Heart Syndrome | Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Broken heart syndrome is a condition that can cause rapid and reversive heart muscle weakness, also known as stress cardiomyopathy.

Please be safe out there.