Bored and still plenty of free time

I am trying to find something to do with my free time. I am bored right now and instead of getting myself in trouble I am electing to try something a little more creative. Its been 10+ years since worked on a regular bases I have done programming in the past but was looking at language where I can get a good developers kit. I Know C++, and Visual basic but was looking for possibly python. I could easily pick up Lua due to programmed In PL/1 in the past. My doctor nixed me going back to work due to the depression, but it cant hurt to fiddle. and learn on my own. Assembler and Cobol will not be used hehe.

What I am looking for is like i said some good developer kits for C++, python and Lua. Anything else you all might know will be appreciated. I may wait on the next covid check but will see. I looked at a couple sites but want trusted sites and knowledge and recommendations.


Daelvil/aka Brent K. Gray

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The 3 I added so far are as follows
VS Studio 2019
VS Studio Code

Anything else or experience will be appreciated. I will have to find an area to hide in discord. =P

If you are talking about game development have you looked into Godot? It’s newer than Unity and Unreal but I’ve heard good things about it. Unity uses C#, Unreal uses C++ and I believe Godot uses Python.

When I worked at Microsoft there was a program for having a developer co-teach a coding class at a local HS with a teacher. You could look at maybe helping out by bring your real world experience to the next generation of coders.

There are a lot of non profits that could really use some help with their websites, automating their processes in house, better database tracking for inventory, or help with getting stuff into online stores, or better security… the list is endless.

Or you could do some integration packages for Fantasy Grounds to add games, modules and other content for that or D20, etc. I would love for Paranoia, or ICE’s Rolemaster to be on Fantasy Ground :stuck_out_tongue:

Was thinking that too rolemaster I played and Paranoia i have an original 1st ed of it. Time is on my hand. thanks for the input.

I loved Chartmaster :stuck_out_tongue: Our group just couldn’t find anyone else to GM the game besides me. I did find another group several years later that was playing. So for a while, I did get to play a PC too.

I’m playing around with running a Paranoia game remotely as the GM/Computer in a Comic/Gaming Store owned by a friend. With Discord for public/private chat from the players and Zoom or FB video chat and maybe just use a standard D&D map campaign for the main screen. I just need to relearn the rules again :stuck_out_tongue: it’s been a few decades since I played.

are planning on shooting me. =P i have a gun close if your planning on it hehe