Borderlands 3 : weapons that have changed my damage ability

With the mini-event boss spawns my dps/survivability in Mayhem 3 (Moze 1hp deathless build) has so improved with me aquiring these following weapons.

  1. Crossroads in electric with scope (iirc it’s not anoited)
  2. Crossroads in fire without a scope (wish it had one also not anoited)
  3. Cutsman in fire anoited
  4. Cutsman in corrosive also anoited.

3 of these dropped from Norman Bates
The electric crossroads dropped during the Maliwan take down Valkyrie event

So if you were / are having trouble with Mayhem 3, like I was, look up these weapons and locations. The mini boss event ends on the 31st Jan iirc.

Honorable mentions : had a Faizor Electric drop (burns through the Maliwan troops shields and HP like mad), had a jacobs legendary drop (forget name) but it’s that crank electric assault rifle that returns to bullets to the mag and reflects 2 every crit hit … that thing is sick.

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