Borderlands 3 : help understanding firearm stats

Say I have two identical firearms.

firearm A: dmg 422 (rest of stats) then below (the line) +15% Weapon Damage
firearm B: dmg 428 (rest of stats) then below (the line) +10% (something other than weapon dmg)

I honestly don’t understand/know if the +15% weapon dmg is already factored in to the 422 dmg or factored after (thus 422 x 1.15% = 485).

meaning the lower dmg 422 weapon with the +15% wpn dmg is the higher damage weapon in this simple example, correct?

I have a couple other question but I’ll save those for another time.

Thanks - Tom

i decided to search for an answer for ya, sabre, and i found a Reddit thread that sounds like it answers your question.

it boils down to if Gearbox displays the dmg stat in the same way they did in BL2. If so, then the number you see already factors in the weap dmg increase in to the number you see in the stats. anything else, such as elemental, critical hit dmg, etc, you will have to calculate, or test, yourself to see the final dmg output.