Bnet Launcher failure

Apparently Bliz is having launcher issue for folks. Not everyone, but some of us cannot update the launcher at all. Mine has been stuck at the “initializing” stage continuously for at least 15 mins (which should not happen). Have closed down and deleted the launcher, but even after getting a new copy, it still can’t get past the initializing stage.

I’ve opened a technical ticket but we all know how slow they are responding to those things. So its very possible I will be unable to join you all in the game until they fix this problem.

Have fun out there…sorry I’ll miss out on it.

UPDATE: I finally got some help from a hard to find blizzard support page. Figures I had to google it before it popped up.

Bnet has been having problems last few days due to a massive DDOS attack primarily against Overwatch but spilling out to other parts of bnet network . The whole of the uk was unable to load bnet launcher for around 1 hour each day on tuesday and wednesday this week

I heard about that just before I logged off for the night last night. Its a PITA to be sure.

I wish people would stop with the DDOS attacks. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean you need to take it out on people that do enjoy it.

I agree with you, but from what I’ve been able to figure out is that there are some folks in the world who thrive on causing chaos, especially for others.