Bnet launcher >> "attempting to connect" message

It appears my game launcher can’t connect to the server. I keep getting an “attempting to connect” message but no error message.

Anyone else having this issue? I check with technical support on their website and it appears I am not alone. I check in Discord to see if anyone was logged in to see if they might be experiencing this too, but there’s no one in the Wow channels.

its coming up saying that they are experiencing issues with their authentication servers

Wish that had been the message I saw…but apparently I was one of the early ones to report it before they investigated it, according to their website.

i’m getting that same issue today…i can log in thru the warcraft screen, but bnet is refusing to connect

I actually ran a scan on my system yesterday while I was waiting for them to fix their server problems, but it seems their update today may have introduced it again.

Anyway, I did a series of checks and updated a few things I would have done this coming weekend anyway. A dns clear, etc. and cleared my browser caches, reset our modem and did a Microsoft update which was actually sitting there waiting for me to start it.

Then I waited for an hour or so while I did other tasks around the house and fixed dinner, took care of the dogs, etc. But I think there was a blue post from a while back that addressed the error BLZ51901016 messages a lot of folks were getting but not me. So it could have been just a combination of factors, including them working on their authentication servers, because when I got back to it, I had to log in with my bnet authenticator and pw, for the launcher.