Bluesails Atlas Private server

Hello. Sorry for not posting sooner, it slipped my mind. For those of you who want to get away from the griefers on the public server, come join us on our private PVE Atlas server. Its open to all OTG members and their friends and family.

We currently are running a 2x2 grid with 16 players per grid, but in 10 days we are expanding that to a 3x3 grid. So thats 9 grids (servers) hosted by Nitrado, the same server host company the public servers are run on. We have a great custom map where we have added in cool islands and have made sure all the resources are available. We currently have around 20 active players daily and hang out on Wozzles Discord, which should be familiar to you Ark and Conan players.

PM me for the server info details and password, and any other questions you may have.


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We have a fairly large group playing the new game Atlas. We could probably use a sub-group like ARK and Conan have.

We are running a private PvE server called Bluesails. Please PM me for the server info and password. If you are a member of Wozzles Discord all the info is also posted there.

There is a sub group, and an established OTG guild in game. As folks are free to play with whatever groups they like, moving this.

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Thanks! Not sure how i missed the group… doh!

Hey @bluethunder im actually the Game Development Leader in our Atlas division. Our guild is based on the PVE server being in the K-11 and K-14 Regions with many other houses on other regions. Id really love for you to join in our atlas channels and see if you guys can join us to make our family bigger! We currently have 44 OTG members! :slight_smile: Feel free to send me a private message in discord or hop in our atlas discord channels and talk to myself or one of my officers if im not on! See you soon


I am brand new here. I am interested in joining up to play Atlas. Could i get a link to the discord ?

Thanks Blue! There’s probably a few that are curious about private servers.

OTG is currently 44 pirates strong and is very well established with 40+ land claims on the PVE server on several islands with a few banks up collecting healthy taxes from strangers, so if any of the private server folks want to explore the whole map or open up a trading company on the public server we have a safe guild base for them to start out at and a good support system. The devs thankfully fixed the griefing issues over the last couple patches (ship sinking, flag vulnerability). The biggest issue seems to be when occasional moron neighbors put up large gates blocking island resources. :slight_smile:

Hi BikeShopGuru,

Do you want to play on the PVE public server, or one of the private servers that some OTG folks run? If public, our guild info can be found here as well as a link to Discord info.

If you want to play on one of the smaller and safer private servers you can contact BlueThunder or a few others that I can’t recall names of at the moment.


Here is a link to Wozzle’s discord it is good for 24 hours:

Thank you for the quik reply! The private servers seem to have some issues as i have tried two of them so far with limited sucess as to servers staying up. So i would like to go official. I did get a character up to lvl 10 pvp official but as solo low level if i logged out everything was missing when i got back. But the play was reasonably smooth and the servers were alway up except for updates. So i am good with pve or pvp official if i can join a group. I am coming back to pc gaming after a long time on console so i am not a crack player. I would consider myself more of a new player. 60 yo irl and a grandpa.


Should you determine to want to play with the OTG group, you’ll want to start out by completing an application to OTG. You can start here if you’d like to apply: Before You Apply… Things to Know

Awesome, we’d love to have you join us. I didn’t realize you didn’t fill out the OTG application yet, so as our lovely Hashberry mentioned fill out the easy application and soon enough you’ll be an official Old Timer and can then use the OTG Discord. Looking forward to having you join! :slight_smile:

Joined up today about 2 hrs ago. Just learning to navigate OTG and find what i need to.

Super! Once that application is approved, then you can move on to getting Discord working. OTG is only official on the PVE server, though a few stragglers play on the PVP.

Thank You , I will put on my thinking cap and be back soon

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Blue, question if you don’t mind. On the private servers, if you add another zone by linking up with a friends private server… are there master controls, or does each server admin only control what happens on their particular server? /curious

I have been watching alot of Streamers both Role Play and PVP so i have a pretty good understanding of the game. Mostly I have watched Deastiny (omnikevfka) and Late Shift on PVP and assorted RP. But watching and playing are 2 different things.

We have one or two PVE streamers in the guild, but it’s mostly of building exotic structures. On the PVE there’s a few RP’rs, mostly in trading companies to keep it fun. Our island also hosts a fun guild called The Avengers, with Steve Rogers decked out in his fancy Captain America armor and fancy ship. He plays the role well and likes to go out sinking Ships of the Damned and guarding from any Chinese invaders. I don’t know how people can do the PVP, it’s hard enough to survive on PVE with all the aggro. :slight_smile:

ps – an advantage of a private server over the PVE public is that if you get stuck and need help an Admin is just a shout away, Wozzle’s servers were always good about that in Ark. On public PVE you have to suffer it out and die/respawn. :slight_smile:


Yeah people can contact me, Zercon, Splutty, or ProvokeMe, he is more active than I am here on the forums and can pass on the info for our private server too.

Just to be clear, I am in no way trying to take people away from the public server. If people are there having fun please continue and enjoy. This is a really great game, lets all have fun.

When OTG members are running private servers we have always shared the private server information. Our settings are much ‘easier’ than the public servers, taming times are 5x, we have much less ship decay at port (there is no reason for your boat to decay if you are gone for a week right?), We give more skill points per level so people can do more on their own and explore the different skill trees, player and animal stats are better (i.e. u get more weight, health, etc per point), harvest multiplier is 4X, food spoils slower and your corpse stays on the map longer giving you more time to get to it and recover your stuff, etc.

Also, many of the ARK modders are moving to Atlas, so we will be adding some mods to our private server, within reason, as they become available to make the game even more fun.

Keep in mind the public server is a huge 16x16 grid, our private server is only a 3x3 grid. But we have populated it with many great islands, and all types of islands, to explore. We are one big happy OTG Atlas family, there is no reason people can’t play in both places, and OTG has a presence on the public PVP server too if people are interested in that.

You are fine, there’s definitely folks that would be interested in playing on private after having frustration on public. The Ark otg private was a blast a couple years ago, sounds like the same folks are on it. The skill point boosts and multipliers on private make it more tolerable especially for people who have to work. Looking forward to the mods, should be fun. :smiley: