Blue Protocol [Includes Poll in first post.]

How many people are going to try this game?

Gameplay footage

What we know:

Release Date:

  • Second Half of 2023

Releases on:

  • PC(Steam)
  • PS5(PS account required but not PS+),
  • XB-X/S (Xbox account required but not Gold)
  • Amazon Account not required to play.

Closed Beta:

  • First Half 2023 (Amazon account required for beta signup)

Regions: Published by Amazon Games in:

  • North America
  • South America
  • Western Europe
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

Minimum PC Specs

  • OS - Windows 10(64-bit)
  • CPU - Intel Core_i3-4340
  • Memory - 8GB RAM
  • Graphics Card - NVIDIA Geforce GTX660(2GB)/ AMD Radeon R7 370(2GB)
  • HDD/SSD capacity - HDD 40GB
  • Display monitor resolution - 1280 x 720
  • DirectX - DirectX 11 or 12
  • Controller is supported

Recommended PC Specs:

  • OS: Windows 10 / 11(64-bit)
  • CPU: Intel Core i7-11700 AMD Ryzen 7 5800X
  • Memory: 16GB RAM
  • Graphics card: NVIDIA Geforce RTX 2070 Super(8GB)AMD Radeon RX5700X(8GB)
  • HDD/SSD available capacity: SSD 40GB or higher
  • Monitor resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • DirectX: DirectX 12
  • Controller is supported

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Will you be playing Blue Protocol when it releases?

  • Hell Yeah!!!
  • Hell No!!!

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added class overview video to the OP. Seems like the game treats classes like FFXIV so we’ll be able to switch classes at will. :slight_smile:

Added some gameplay footage to the OP.

Added Blue Protocol Twitter accounts to the OP.

Twitter Accounts:


Dev Livestream coming up on Dec 15, 2022 6am Eastern. Athersongs starts 10 minutes earlier.

Will be in Japanese with English translations provided by Athersong. He covers the stream in the second youtube video below.

Blue Protocol JP Youtube Channel


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More gameplay footage has been released today. Enjoy!

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Added FAQ info to OP

Blue Protocol Dev Livestream (In Japanese)


PC向け オンラインアクション RPG『BLUE PROTOCOL(ブループロトコル)』の 最新情報をライブ配信でお届けする、『ブルプロ通信』#6 です。 BLUE PROTOCOLは劇場アニメに入り込んだような圧倒的グラフィック表現で紡がれる世界と、 オンラインゲームの特性を活かした マルチプレイアクションを突き詰めたゲーム性とを融合させた、 完全新作オリジナルタイトルとしてUnreal® Engine 4にて鋭意開発中! 公式サイト 公式Twitter 運営・プロデュース:株式会社バンダイナムコオンライン 開発:株式会社バンダイナムコスタジオ ©2019 Bandai Namco Online Inc. ©2019 Bandai Namco Studios Inc.

Blue Protocol - Dev Livestream #6 with English Translations「ミラー配信」


I will be translating the Blue Protocol Communication #6 developer livestream live!
This is a mirror stream and unofficial translation.

This video is a summary and my thoughts of the Blue Protocol Communication 6 developer livestream. Dev Stream 6 Translation Stream:…
Blue Protocol General Playlist:…

Athersong: A closer look at the Extra Rewards (Rewards Plus) system for missions in Blue Protocol.

Blue Protocol - Network Test Winners Announced!

A closer look at crafting.

I’m gonna try the game but I am concerned that I will not like the anime graphics in front of the beautiful background settings. It’s off-putting to me.

to me the background looks anime like the characters. Seriously, it looks like Breath of the Wild graphics but at a slightly higher resolution.

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Blue Protocol Dungeon Gameplay (BLADE WARDEN)

(Japanese, Old footage from 2020)



©2019 Bandai Namco Online Inc. ©2019 Bandai Namco Studios Inc.


Google Translate:
This is a video of a matching load test conducted on November 7, 2020, about two years ago. I found that the recorded data remained on the PC, so I uploaded it.
It’s pretty interesting to see how much things have changed after about two years by comparing it with the previous bulletin.

©2019 Bandai Namco Online Inc. ©2019 Bandai Namco Studios Inc.

Main Channel:

Blue Protocol: Spellweaver Class Overview Guide


Blue Protocol’s Spellweaver is likely to be one of the most popular classes during the release of Blue Protocol. Blue Protocol is launching in JP first so I wanted to do this Spellweaver class overview guide to assist any new players learning the Spellweaver skills for the first time. This is just a spellweaver beginner’s guide but in the future, I will make a more detailed spellweaver guide. Majority of the ability translations are from Blue Protocol Database:… __________________________________________________________________________
I’ll keep you updated on all Blue Protocol news and drop Blue Protocol discussion videos until the Release of Blue Protocol. So if Blue Protocol is something you’re passionate about feel free to subscribe to the channel! Follow me on:

Twitter ►
Join The Community Discord ►

Blue Protocol Live Gameplay!

Japan’s Network Test with English Translations!

Scheduled for Jan 13, 2023

bummer :frowning:

Blue Protocol: Release Questions, Concerns, and 2024 Fears | Ginger Prime