BlizzConline Questions/Observations

We’re seeing quite a few questions as a result of all the Bliz announcements. Ask away here!

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Can’t wait for those new maw mounts and pets!!


D4 looks pretty cool. Rogue looks badass! I bought collectors editions of D3 and its expansion but I could never really get into it. Also D2 Remastered! I missed that the first time around. I might check it out. I wonder though why are they not remastering Diablo 1

As this was my first time actually watching it, I am truly amazed by it. I want to go to Anaheim next year. That being said they let us know that mounts are coming to the maw in the patch as well as flying. I don’t think they could have been more evasive about the flying requirements, but at least we know it is coming. I really enjoyed the actors panel, it was amazing.


I didn’t honestly expect anything more specific than we got. They pretty much confirmed what they said before: It’s tied to reknown.

My expectation is that they’ll raise the reknown cap with the new campaign, and it’ll be the reknown reward for reaching the new cap (or achievement for same).

The only worrisome thing for me is whether it’ll be an account wide unlock or not. It’s going to be really tiresome if you have to unlock it for each character.

I don’t know where I heard it, but it is supposedly account wide. If it isn’t it will really suck.

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Last I heard it was to be renown based and not account based. However, that isn’t to say it will award an achievement that counts for our alts. I’m hoping today’s panels provide more information and clarify this. Inquiring minds need to know!!

They verified this. Yay!!

Great news right…
I really enjoyed watching my first Blizzcon. Maybe next year I can go to Anaheim

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If the campaign follows the same trend as the first part, that was renown 22. They’re adding 40, but if it still needs 22, that is (at best) 11 weeks into the patch (almost 3 months) since renown is timegated. No indication at all about a release date (although they did say they were “still in the idea stage” of some of the covenant changes. It sounds almost like late summer before we fly :frowning:

Late summer/early fall seems to be the popular guestimates at this time. With 9.0.5 in March.