Blizzard now requires authenticator for LFG

GROUP FINDER IMPROVEMENTS: Accounts now require an attached Battle. net Authenticator to post custom text when listing a group for Dungeons, Raids, or Rated PvP activities.

Thanks for the info!

what a stupid policy. What’s an authenticator going to do? It’s free to put one on a phone. or the gold sellers can just buy the keychain authenticators in bulk.

Keychain ones are not made any longer. When Bliz went to the one for the phone, they discontinued the fobs. I saw that being announced so I purchased an extra one for myself. So now I have my original, plus an extra backup one for my own use.

As of 2019, the physical authenticator devices are no longer manufactured and offered by Blizzard Entertainment

Apparently, there is still some discussion going on about all this but from what I understand, there is a way to download the ap to your pc as well. I recall someone saying they use Bluestacks for theirs, but I’m not using that ap so I have not invested much time in research on it.

I went and tested this and had no problems posting in LFG. I keyed both a title and misc. info.

I do not have an authenticator tied to my account, but i do have my email & phone number verified by Blizzard in account settings.

From what i understand this all started from Blizzard’s attempt to eliminate the multitude of mythic boost runs for payment (both the legit within TOS & shady off site payment ones)

They first raised the minimum level to post so level 1 bots couldn’t continue to spam the listings. They then were to add the authenticator step to further prohibit spams.

It was all designed to make it better for the player, so they could actually find a group of fellow adventurers wanting to run content.

After it went live and things didn’t really work as intended, they most likely rolled back that last step after the server reset yesterday morning.

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Yea, you have that right. I was browsing their forums late last night to see more of what was happening on that. Since I do not instigate any LFGs, I had no personal experience with this situation. Its funny to hear the ‘excuses’ for not wanting that authenticator attached to their accounts, which incidentally would protect their accounts. But it seems other posters were able to poke holes in the flimsy ones.

Personally, I think having that extra layer of security is great. I have it on all my stuff including my email account, as well as on all my temporary throwaway ones I use for other things.