Blizzard has a login problem....WOW51900118, WOW51900128, etc

I can’t find any information regarding a recent or ongoing DDOS attack but for some reason I’ve not been able to log into the game, again. I was on for a short while but had to log off for a bit, but when I tried to get back in I was met with:

You have been disconnected. WOW51900118

They are having trouble with their authentication servers. Doubt they will give a lot of meaningful detail about it, but it should be back up ….’soon.’ :grin:

yea i have seen this all day today, just give it a minute try again, still no, rinse repeat till your in

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I gave up on it just before dinner time. Decided I would rather chat with my sister to see how she’s doing since her “Broken Heart” episode. Come to find out she’s discovered she accidentally video taped a Heron slowly wandering around her back yard while the squirrel hides in the the back yard tree and the dog just sits on the patio watching.

Funny how “take some quiet time” can work out. :grinning: We were on the phone for hours, until my battery almost died. But it was a great conversation. Just wish we lived closer together, but I won’t move to Oregon and she won’t move east…so we connect electronically these days. :rofl: