Blade and Soul Unreal 4 Engine Update

The long anticipated Unreal 4 Engine update for Blade and Soul is finally being released on September 8th, with a new Dual Blade class:

So, who all will be heading back to B&S on September 8th for the launch of the Unreal 4 Engine?

I definitely plan on checking it out; figure at the least it will help fill in the time until New World and Elyon launch. Not sure how serious I will play, but figure it will be good fun; plus the dual sword class may be interesting.

For anyone interested in the Blade&Soul UE4 update the pre-download will be available tomorrow (Sept 1st) with launch day still on track for Sept. 8th.

Yup, I am currently downloading it right now.

Anyone able to give my toon a guild invite? Toon name is Zangor Fallengrad.

Don’t think there is a guild anymore; could be wrong though.

Thanks Trox.