Black instead of textures

In my house or in game some textures are fine (say a door) but another texture (say a Lamp) will be solid black.

I have DL new nvidia drivers
I have uninstalled and reinstalled ESO
I’ve checked google for “elder scrolls online pc black textures” - found a few threads with no solution.
I ran the “ESOrequirementchecker” and everything is green.

Has this happened before to anyone?



Incase anyone else experiences this technical issue

Symptom : after down loading latest update I was experiencing a loss in texture detail , random textures day to day would be solid black , setting my “Textures” option back to high my head turned invisible. I could see my eyes and mouth.

Attempted to fix by : After spending literally 2 days Launching the launcher , deleting the launcher folder and reinstalling it via ESO / account / game download , starting and stopping the launcher / verification / repair process (allowing one to sit for 6 hours and did nothing), uninstalling and reinstalling ESO from scratch saving nothing. Not screen shots or settings. Removed everything. Reading ESO support pages / google searches of similar issues experienced by players since 2014. submitting support tickets providing the *report file , a in game screen shot , provided a /bug report in game, updating to the latest Nvidia drivers. Support, for the first few messages, replied … please do a *report , please provide a screen shot , provide a /bug report. It was if no one actually read my messages and supporting material.

SOLUTION : In the ESO folder (what I named it) you’ll find a “Launcher” folder and a “The Elder Scrolls Online” folder. “Launcher” is installed / replaced via the ESO/accounts/down load game file btw.

  1. I dragged “The Elder Scrolls Online” folder and made a copy “TESO-COPY”. I’m windows 10 atm.
  2. While the copy tool proceeded with the 60 Gig copy eventually it complained about not able to copy a file "Can’t read file : SKIP something else QUIT.
  3. Write down the names of these files and use the SKIP to proceed with the remainder of the copy. My ESO folder had 3 corrupt files : ESO0165.dat ESO0176.dat ESO0178.dat.
  4. After writting down the names of the files as they are found , write the name down , hit SKIP , find the file in the ESO folder and rename ie: ESO0165.dat.CORUPT.
  5. Rinse - Repeat till copy is finished.
  6. Once done : Fire up the Launcher , it will flag what files you need , let the launcher Down load , verify , down load some more (in my case).

Your done.

  1. One step I did do after the files were replaced …
    I created a “Garbage test folder”
    I dragged and dropped (copy) each file in this “Garbage test folder”
    Each file (3 this time) copies easily and completely.

This allowed me to know for sure the files were not downloaded Corrupted / bad again.

Took 30 minutes to copy the folder. Another 10 for the ESO launcher to download/replace the missing files I had renamed ****.CORUPT.

2 days wasted versus a 40 minute fix.

I know what I"m doing next update.

consider sticking this some where?