Black Desert Xbox beta

sign ups for Black Desert Xbox beta have gone up if anyone is interested in trying the game

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Signed up. Thanks

Beta starts NOV 8th!

Looking forward to checking this out

Looking forward to giving it a try

I’ve played quite a few hours of the beta now and I got to say they did a amazing job. Game runs as smooth on the XboxX as it does on my PC. A few of the menu screens are a bit tough to navigate but I’ve managed to get them down

pre sale starts jan 7 if anyone is planning on playing

Got my notice of pre-sales available. I haven’t really been tracking that closely, but I’m very interested.

Is OTG going to have a BDO chapter on the XBox? I’d really like to hear because it could be a make/break thing for me. :^)

I haven’t seen much interest. If there is I’m not aware of it. I just ended up joining another guild for BDX off the playblackdesert forums called Blood Legion. There more of a hardcore pvp guild with gear score requirements and such…I’m not usually much for hardcore guilds but I figured I’d give one a shot since it doesn’t look like OTG will be active on the xbox bdo

If we do get a OTG group going and I find I can’t hang with the hardcores I’ll join up lol

Awww. Kinda disappointing. I may still dabble a little just to learn and be ready if things change.

I would be more interested in this if it wasn’t for the open PVP. I am not a fan of open world PVP.

pre download is up now for the final beta if anyone is going to play it