Bit the Bullet - Pre-ordered D IV

Have been playing since the original Diablo in the late '90s, and everything in between. Hope there will be some others joining me this summer to fight the forces of Hell.

Ill be there.

I played D4 beta up to the last minute and had 3 high-level toons. I enjoyed it a lot BUT the listed $70 price for the standard PC game is a bad pricing trend that I don’t like seeing. If it is successful how many other companies will follow that pricing?

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Unfortunately, I see this trend as continuing. Being retired and on a fixed income, I actually set aside a little money each month to feed my gaming habit.

I’m in the same boat, retired, and so on a fixed income. When all is said and done I’m sure I will meet you in D4 as I doubt I can resist :slight_smile: . All my toons have Postxxxx as their names so you will know it is me. Meantime I play Path of Exile to get my fix and POE is free to play.

I played POE with LOA for a while, but then most of them left and I got tired of playing alone. Does OTG have a guild going in game? Is there a regular presence?

Grim, a fellow Diablo player, and I informally got together and are a 2 member guild. We have been playing on and off whenever a new league starts up. OTG used to have a guild in POE but it wasn’t very active and I don’t think it is still around so POE is mostly a solo play for me.

It’s already a trend that will only get worse and more widespread until it becomes the industry standard.

Games coming out or already released this year with the $70 base game price tag (just off the top of my head):

Diablo IV
Star Wars Jedi Survivor
Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

I have no doubt later releases like Starfield will be $70 base game as well.

Back to Diablo IV, the $70 base price for D4 is just one of the reasons I am not really feeling it. But who knows, I may be done with my current games and haev an APRG itch so bad I resort to giving in and getting Diablo 4. But not if I can’t justify spending that $70 without it eating into any of my other financial obligation then I am going to pass on it.