‘Bison’ on the loose in Indiana turn out to be something much more rare

I got a good laugh when I saw this article today, because anyone not familiar with Bison could mistakenly identify these. They are beautiful and it seems the local police even got a good laugh over the misidentification.

Noblesville Police also joked about the case of mistaken identity.

“Edit: Animal identification was not covered at the academy,” officials wrote. “These are yaks, and while they may not be as regal as bison, it was still a fun call.”


Wow! LOL Clearly called in by folks that have never actually seen a bison. I live near the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge where we have lots of bison. Even looking out over the fields, you can easily see that they are massively huge. I saw one wander too close to one of the visitor’s centers and a guy approach it like he was going to pet it. I totally thought I was going to see a gruesome death for that guy. Thankfully the animal walked away instead of goring him to death. Even the baby bison don’t look like yaks. LOL

yea…but there are folks who have no idea because they’ve not ever gotten out into nature to view animals.

There are so many kinds of cloven-hoofed beasts, As well as all kinds of very bovine hairy sub-variants; you can find wild pigs that yield tasty meat. One of the beautiful things that the farmers that are a part of the rare breed movement do is preserve their bloodlines [DNA].
Living history places like these are wonderful day trip sites that take pride in presenting the best husbandry practices of their period this one is set about the 1770s to 1780s
](Rare Breeds)
And this one is set to the 1830s
They Are generally the best places to see them at living history places and you can find them around the world with a bit of googling
live in rural Maine there are more than a few cattle and sheep and chickens in the rare category even if I limit it to my shopping for eggs and milk products that I buy directly from them those 2 farms must have about a dozen different breeds between them. One raises huge draught horse breeds

More than most folk need to know about rare breeds in the USA

Can I pet cute bison at our National Parks?

Asking for a friend…

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