Big grab bag of ESO stuff from the weekend

Some things I discovered this weekend, as a returning player. This will be old hat to veteran players, and I probably have some of it wrong, but for returning and new players, this might be helpful. So I will post it.

  1. Coffee runs- the guild has coffee runs on Saturday and Sunday mornings around 10am EST. What they do is pick a zone, do world bosses and dolmens in the zone, and they do this as a guild raid group. If you have no waypoints in those zones, never fear. You can click the party menu, right click the crown (the leader in the party list) and teleport to their location and get that waypoint. This was a lot of fun, and really helps with map completion. It is really laid back too, where we just sort of sit around killing mud crabs as people take their time meeting up. Hats off to the guild for hosting this.

  2. Vampires- My son and I decided to become vampires this weekend. Hmm, Vampire Weekend. Hmmm. Anyway I am a nightblade, and he is a sorcerer, and it works for both of us.

First off the bite. We tried it the ask-a-guildy-way. Either they were offline or on timers. So we went to the look up where the bloodfiends spawn and download the clock mod from minion to know what game time it is, and go visit the spawns. That did not work at all. There was a lot of running around (we both camped different zones, there are 3 where you can find them).

Then we tried the beg in chat way. That did not work. I did not spam it, but my son did and they got mad.

Then I tried the find-the-vampire-shrine-and-see-if-some-random-dude-will-bite-you-method. I was in the DC zone at that shrine, and a guy bit me as soon as I showed up. Scared the crap out of me. Big red beam, I go stun, then I realize it is what I wanted. I thank him and do the quest. My son spent 30-45min at the Reaper’s march shrine before some guy bit him.

Then we proceeded to duo to power up Vampire. Each skill unlocked went onto the main bar, and we ran Public dungeons as a duo. This was really fun, as those are nicely scaled to a couple of fresh 50s with crafted gear team, giving us mass pulls for xp on the Vampire line, as well as taking out content that is harder to solo. We tried regular delves, but they were too easy. We tried group delves, but they were too hard. I had more of the world opened up, and he was a fresh 50, so I would port to the shrine and he would point to me, and in this way he got one wayshrine per zone across AD, EP, DC, and we took out the public dungeon content.

By Sun night I was 10 in Vampire, and he was 9. Was it worth it? For me so far yes. I am playing a snipe stam bow build, and I was groaning for stamina loss particularly weaving light/heavy with acid rain to down packs. After Vampire with the cost reduction, and I can spam much easier now without stamina issues. Also I really like the half as long to crouch aspect of vampire. I do not think I will use the bat ultimate or the drain essence actives, but for now I am keeping mist form which seems to be a super useful AvA ability. The drain essence was fun, since as I would bow stuff down, the inevitable melee guy would come up to clock me and I would just hit drain essence, which would stop them cold and with poisons kill that one guy…fun. The rest are in passives. I do take more fire damage, but I am already pretty squishy having to dodge roll everything anyway, so it is not that bad. I also think you can use champion points to up elemental defender to offset fire damage, so that can help. I hear around 100 in that line is what it takes. For him, he was always magicka starved doing the AOE sorcerer stuff, and now he is flowing much faster though these public dungeons. So win-win

  1. AvA (Alliance v Alliance, the strategic PVP this game has in Cyrodiil). I went to Cyrodiil for the first time this weekend. I had a treasure map that I had got from doing writs that sent me into the zone.

First off to get there, open your character, click on the castle icon on top that has alliance, then click the campaign you want (I did 30-day AD standard) and hit accept, and you queue up. It was the morning so I was there with no delay.

Some basics- you start at a wayshrine deep in your alliance territory, and you can use that shrine to go to anywhere else in the world. This is your way out of Cyrodiil. Now you don’t have to google that. You are supposed to be able to use shrines to move within Cyrodiil , but I did not figure out how to do that. The only thing that works for me is to go die somewhere, then resurrect at a keep close to where you want to be. There must be a better way.

I was in the south AD end, and my treasure map was way far north up in the DC end. I have my speedy Kajit in stealth- concealed weapon, set that gets rid of stealth speed penalty, the steed mundus for faster movement…so I started zipping around exploring things. First off, Cyrodiil is HUGE. Absolutely massive huge. It takes a long time to get anywhere. I was actually running out of stamina from stealth, something that never happens PVE side. It felt like I was crossing the width of a regular zone just to go to the first skyshard on the map.

Next you have to de-stealth to do much of anything. Picking herbs, moving through gates, clicking skyshards…you have to drop stealth to do anything. I tried a delve, and was nervous the whole time thinking someone was going to gank me on a big boss pull. Nothing. Nobody ever came.

I went far north and eventually said the hell with the stealth thing, and just got on my mount and mashed the sprint key down until my fingers were cramping. This is the way you ride. Oh, you have to follow roads, because the hills are impassible. Not like the regular content, these mountains funnel you through strategic keeps and gates, which encourages people to take these points in AvA.

So about 3/4ths of the way to my destination, I see people going at it. THe map had a conflict symbol on it, so I decide to pitch in. It was 2 AD on 1 DC, so from stealth I open with 2 poisons. THe Templar isn’t even dented as he proceeds to chase me down and pulp me in about 2 blows. So yeah, those guys going at it early morning are decked out and are going to crush you. I hear you need lots of resistance and penetration to do much of anything.

So I got my treasure map, and got out. Then I went back with my son to show it to him. This time it was afternoon with a lot more people out there, and we were in a 50 person queue which took about 20 min to finally zone in. We started with skyshards, but all of that running for so little gain made us seek out the action for AvA. Off we went and joined a group taking on a keep. THey had siege and stuff, and it was amazing. Very Guild Wars 2 like in feel, with ground targets and dodge rolling. At some point the gate went down and the AD zerg ran through the wall, mowing down stragglers until we hit the main body further back which wiped us.

Thus began our AvA education. For me, anything melee was a hard pass. No. Any attempt to land a 2H attack usually meant I was locked up, rooted, stunned, and gang assaulted into a quick death. Hit and run with the bow works better, with going invis and running at the first sign I am being hunted. I have since gone to a snipe build (40yd range for the win!), and have been acquiring and levelling up the toolset to pull that off.

For my son with his sorcerer, gone was god-mode from the game. His spells were just doing squat on most people, and he would go down fast. I think champ points will swing that. But we were both able to sort of run with the zerg, pile on while more experienced players were shock troops, and have a lot of fun. Super fun. We are going to retool and head out again. We were in there long enough to unlock assault 3 and support 3. At rank 2 you can unlock Rapid Manuever, which is a 30s 30% mount and ground speed buff, which is super useful for getting around this game. I am so glad I stuck out AvA long enough to get it. Now I pop that, stealth and zip around close to mount speed while stealthed…that is fun. Sure makes gathering much easier in regular content, and gets you out of delves fast.

  1. The alt writs army thing- I have 6 characters, and only play one at a time. The rest sit in Vivec City doing writs and horse training once per day. If I do all 7 writs on a level 50, I get 4.5K gold per toon. A 30ish character gets less money, but it is still worth it. I went to elder root, reset my skills. Oh btw, I though you had to pick morphs, then pick skills. You can un-morph something in the reset skills option. Anyway I take all of the points I have, allocate to crafting stuff, and put a token point into lines that are not at 50 yet. So as I turn in writs and get experience, those lines level up. It is slow, but every bit helps. So for instance my lvl 50 Templar which has 220ish skill points has just crafting skills, and I chunked in a few points to 1h+shield and other lines that I never leveled up as a staff magicka user before, and those lines are around 10ish skill level after about a week or so of just doing writs.

That Templar is my ‘refiner’, having max crafting skills in all professions (except JC). She is the one who opens all of the hireling mail, and grinds up materials via refinement. There is a mod called Multicraft which is super helpful here. Just control left click the plus on the bar that shows up when you select an item to refine, and up goes the queue by 10 per control left click. So I can set it up to autorefine a 500 stack of material in a few clicks. She gets maximum return.

Anyone below 50 in a craft is in skill up mode. The aim here is to unlock those passives for later on. In particular I go for 3/3 hirelings so I get free stuff in the mail. But you can get improved effect for potions from Alchemy, and the same goes for food with Provisioning. While skilling up, you max out your crafting tier (eg 7/10 for woodworking if you are 35ish in woodworking) and I skip the quality upgrades. I will dump points into better yield from deconstruction. My main then dumps items into the bank, which I can then refine on alts (straight from the bank, yay!, no need to take them out of the bank to refine them). As my main is over 160 champion points, I get top tier garbage dropping, and that stuff ranks up the lowbies fast via deconstruction.

Before I grind it up, my crafter main looks for research traits. There is an addon that puts a magnifying glass research symbol on items that have traits you lack. I only am doing this on my one crafter main. That guy has blacksmithing, woodworking, clothing, and jewelcrafting. Enchanting is on one other toon, and Alchemy with all of the recipes is on another. Thus the commitment for skill points is spread over a few toons, but I suppose eventually I will just have the one guy who is a crafter do everything. The 4 he has right now is useful for set piece crafting stations, as he can produce the entire set without having to swap characters. Only enchanting is missed now, and I am slowly getting that up there.

So check for research, then mass grind on an alt. Once they hit 50, I spec out of those points in deconstruction, spec into hireling, and just reap in the rewards. I think I can go to say 1/10 blacksmthing and just not open the mail on that toon, and open it on my 10/10 blacksmith and get top tier mats. So once you hit 50, you have unlocked all of the passives and can reclaim a ton of points. My 30-something characters then have just enough skill points (around 50) to pull this alt crafting thing off.

You do want to avoid having your main lower gathering skill than the guys you are trying to rank up. For instance my main was 2/5 in jewelcrafting, and my crafter was 3/5, requiring silver ounces to do writs. So I ran dolmens in Alik’r Desert (go there, /zone to enter the zone chat channel, and type x, and you will be auto added to the raid that runs dolmens nonstop. It is great for Fighters Guild exp, and great for jewelery drops). With a dolmen grind I was able to bring my main up to 3/5, and now my mats go into my crafter alt. I also have come around to this following keen eye plan: 1/3 for woodworking, blacksmithing, clothing; 3/3 for alchemy, jewelery crafting, enchantment. I get so much raw materials in those professions like blacksmithing from the deconstruction that I really do not need to go out of my way to gather it. But I always seem to run low on herbs, enchantment, and I need a lot of JC mats. So I up the range for those and I will go more out of my way to gather them.

  1. Werewolf- My crafter main (Orc stamina Templar, Noto Boil) has around 130 skill points, and most of them are tied up in crafting. I spent a little time last weekend getting him a minimal skill set and werewolf. A guildie was super nice to bite me (Thanks Expresso?).

Here is my 75 point Orc Stamina Templar build that worked great. You just use one bar. Prior to werewolf, I use the ultimate from Dawn’s Wrath to skill up that line (the last passive of reduced cost is worth getting and it takes 50 points to unlock). Hit forward momentum and critical rush (both from 2h line) to enter battle. Then heavy weave (hold left click, and just as your heavy attack starts to land, hit biting jabs to clip that animation…takes some practice, but puts out the DPS and gives you no stamina problems). All points are in stam btw for me, and I just put health enchants on training gear to have a decent health level, and use max attributes food. If you are hurting, use repentence on corpses to recover life/stam in the fight or post fight. The fighter’s guild passive helps with damage.

Orc is one of the best choices for Werewolf since you get the sprint bonus and have high stam, which you are starved for in WW. With WW, I mostly left click spam. I can heavy attack spam if I am low, but mostly WW is about keeping things rolling so you do not leave form. Oh when you do the WW quest, do not leave the quest area. Stay there in WW form and advance your line until you have several nice passives active. With WW, pounce to close. Hiricines on a group. I lightweave (left click and clip animation with a cast of Hiricine’s). If it is really tough, you can heavy weave and use roar. Save claws of life for when you are hurt. Feed as necessary.

With this mix of 2h Templar and WW, you can WW on a boss and kill it with less of a risk to yourself. You do not build ultimate that fast, but you can clear trash fairly easy with low down time with jabs and repentence.

  1. My Kajit Nightblade main- If you got to pick one character to see most aspects of the game, it is hard going wrong with a Kajit Nightblade. The Thieves guild, Dark Brotherhood, and Legerdemain all are open to your greedy little paws. You can loot and murder your way to riches, and it is a lot of fun running from guards with all of the tricks you can use. I am going with a sniper/scout build for AvA. Vampire works well with it, letting you crouch faster and get away from the set that offsets stealth speed penalty. Your stealth radius is small. Here is my present build plan, although I am torn on the 2nd ultimate. Snipe has a big range. Load up with poisons on acid rain and poison injection. Mark is great, and if Magicka is a proble, I will swap it for relentless focus. Shadow image is extra damage and a juke move, really helps on kiting. Stealth bar has invis, the speed buff, getaway mist form, brutality, and concealed weapon for speed.

UPDATE 18Jun2019. Found this nice 11minute video on Cyrodiil basics. Worth watching.

I am now leaning towards a bow/bow build. After a lot of thought and viewing several videos, this is what I am considering.

I have seen bow/2h gank builds, but mostly those are melee builds, and you are asking for it at low CPs to go into melee in Cyrodiil. So I am opting for bow/bow on snipe. Some of what I learned

  • Focused Aim is a hard hitting 40yd range snipe that you can use on singles and get out
  • Bombard is the better spammable. It will do AOE damage and root/snare whatever is chasing you. I think I can keep this up better now that I am a vamp.
  • Poison Injection is still the DoT execute for bow, a must have
  • Draining Shot is a knockback and heal, good for burst heal and relief
  • Relentless focus now on a 5 stack will reduce damage you take by 15% and activate a spectral bow, which is part of the massive burst for Nightblades. That defensive stack is a huge benefit, and persists until you leave combat.
  • Most people are putting Flawless Dawnbreaker on their main bar with all of the attacks because it ups weapon damage by 5%, and you get another 3% from a Fighter’s guild passive.

My back bar has a lot of oh crap

  • Shadowy Disguise is the invisible move, good for getting away and re-stealthing
  • Channelled Acceleration from Psyjic can be used for a 12s 30% speed boost and it does not break stealth, and it gives you a damage buff to boot. This will replace my Charging Maneuver.
  • Vamp mist form is the ultimate get-away, reducing damage by 75%, making you immune to movement control, and giving 30% speed for its duration.
  • Reaper’s Mark is the way you knock of a pile of defense on your target, and get health back on the kill.
  • Concealed weapon is a 25% boost to sneak speed. If you combo mist + concealed, you can stun them and put them off balance.
  • Ballistae is a fire and forget pressure move. That plus your spectral bow can equal kill.

I want the stealth speed, and the sustain bow/bow builds tend to give that up for things like meditation and vigor. I went to bow bow because I can then put ballistae on the backbar.

UPDATE 25Jun2019

This is sort of my bloggy post on ESO, and I find it somewhat interesting seeing how my progression of understanding goes with time. Since posting this, I have put up 3 guides on the boards here, one on champion points, one on the bow/bow build, and one on this absolutely fun 1-shot build I am presently running.

First off I want to pass along this really nice guide on how to set up your addons and user settings fron Dottz Gaming. I literally ran the video and paused it and set it up his way and am so much happier.

In particular my new favorite addon of all time for ESO is Assist Rapid Riding. Let me tell you why. First off at level 10 you can go to Cyrodiil. Look for the quest dude when you come in and either run the tutorial (great to do if you have not done it, shows you how to work siege), or skip it. YOu get 2 skill points and 2 levels in Assault and Support. In the Assault line this unlocks Rapid Maneuver, which will morph into Charging Maneuver later. You hit this thing and you get 30% run speed and mount speed for 30s, which makes getting around the ESO world so much easier. You do not even have to PVP. Just go to Cyrodill and do the tutorial or skip it. And you come away with 2 skill points.

Now the problem with this skill is that over time you do not want that taking up a slot on your bars. When you are low level with not much it is fine to put it there, but at high level, you don’t. THe addon Assist Rapid Riding will swap Rapid Maneuver onto slot 5 when you mount, and it disappears when you use it, only to show up again when it is time to renew. Even better you can go into your keybinds, pick the 2nd tab for addons and assign a key to it to force it to do its thing when you are dismounted or in a dungeon. I bound mine to T and so if I am trying to get all the way back to the start of the dungeon, I just hit T, pop the maneuver, and rapidly run. Hats off to that addon guy. I ran all of my alts through Cyrodill and now they zip around with 30% speed on their bars.

Next I have figured out the transit shrines in Cyrodiil, and that video I previously linked shows how to do that.

I ventured into master writs. My conclusion- not worth it yet. As I do daily writs, sometimes a reward of a master writ pops up. The thing is I do not know the motifs to do any of these. Expresso walked me through the process, and you can load up a bunch of guild store mods and search for it, and buy stuff you need, but it is a huge time sink. Maybe when I am swimming in end game resources I will fill out this completionist box, but for now I will just bank them until I have inventory issues, or put them up on guildstore if that inventory becomes a problem.

I have been pushing Summerset content to try and get enough traits to have 5 traits in Jewelry Crafting (JC). As you may or may not know, the crafted sets require a number of traits researched, with typically the better sets requiring more. You have to find something with a trait you lack (or have a guidlie make you one), then you research over time to unlock it. You can get the first 3 traits easy from drops in JC, but 4 and 5 come from completion of Psijic Order and Summerset story lines. If you have the DLC for this (ESO plus), it is worth doing. YOu get the whole Psijic Order line there, and the stories are really good. And there is a ton of story there. I thought I would bang it out in a day, but man I am going on 3 days or so now and it just keeps going. The nice thing though was the Psijic order was an easter egg hunt of portals across the world and Alcast had a good guide on it, and that took about a day. There are also random portals which are like loot boxes which have jewelry in them, so doing the Summerset quests gives you quite a few of those as you go all over the place.

I did try to do Undaunted by loading up on pledges outside of the capital city (Elden Root). I found out that the people doing randoms are toxic. I was only pulling 4K dps on my NB (egads! the horror! the horror!) and I had several complaints and suggestions to move my noob butt into the meta build. I suppose the upside was I did try it out, hated it, and made up my 1-shot build which I love. The downside is that I think maybe the community is toxic and this bums me out, and maybe guildy runs might be the way to go.

My son made up a Stamina Sorcerer, and I bit him with my werewolf. Apparently they buff up, wolf out, and rampage in PVP. We had this little fantasy of being a pack in PVP after watching this video of an event with a raid full of wolves. Each WW reduces the cost of remaining transformed, so it makes sense to run as a pack. To turn him, I went to the shrine in Reapers west of the NE waypoint near the world boss, and as I got close to him the feed option came up. I fed, and now he is pack.

I had a little side project. You might find this interesting if you have a new toon and you want to unlock the world and get the most out as quickly as possible. Since these writs were making me so much gold, why not make my 7th of 9 characters and see what happens if I park him and just level on writs? So I looked at what I had, and I had no stamina sorcerer, so the Redguard stamina sorc was made. I skipped the tutorial, put one skill point into each Sorc line, one into DW, one into 2h and loaded up my bars. I did not even have a 2nd weapon bar, nor did I have dual wield weapons, but I dragged the DW skill to the bar anyway and it levels up. I then skipped all the quests and just ran to the harbor where I did the ship hop thing. Yes, I want to visit another port in the alliance. Oh boy, here I am , lets rid to the waypoint and grab any skyshards and books on the way. Back to the harbor and onto the next. And so I went by ship across AD, DC, EP unlocking all the zones and racking up XP as a no gear sub level 10.

Around level 5 I decided I needed some gear. So I went into Vulkhei Guard in Auridon/AD, hit the bank, withdrew 10K gold, trained my mount. THen I went to the weapon shop, crouched, and stole every weapon not nailed down. I went to the armorer shop too. THen I laundered the lot of it, and equipped my ill gotten gains. It takes multiple pieces of the same armor type worn to unlock that armor line, so I played mix and match in my stolen stuff until I had the lines unlocked.

I then went to get certified. Into the Fighter’s Guild. Do those quests. Into the Mages guild. Do those quests. Oh and hit the bookshelves too, since those were opening up skill lines too. Then I ground up all of the stolen gear for XP, and headed to Summerset for JC certification. Once there and certified after doing that quest, I did the daily writs, and was about level 8 by the time the world was unlocked.

One thing I noticed…the anchor symbol on the mini map is a ship, and they travel between ports. THe caravan symbol goes between inland cities. So you can go straight to Elden Root by the caravan and skip all of that tiresome running across zones. I was able to get to all those interior cities via caravans, each with a discovery bonus.

So here I was at 8, and I decided 'lets go dolmen grind in the Alik’r desert. So off I go to my discovered port, and I begin this long long ride across the desert to unlock waypoints near dolmens. There are 3. Once the 3rd was unlocked, I ran with the never-ending herd that cycles through them. I tried to join by saying ‘x’ in zone chat but the raid was full. No bother. I just ran solo and had no problem. I had a kluge of garbage skills, stolen white armor, a crappy axe, and only a decent 2H skill to smack stuff, but I still got tags. They go in a counter clockwise loop between the same 3 dolmens all night, all day, weekdays and weekends. I think it took me around 20 dolmens, cycling about 3 per 10 min to ding 10, and I had an inventory full of goodies for basically doing nothing very useful. Also I had leveled up fighter’s guild some. All that went to my JC main to grind up btw.

So it was 10. Time for Cyrodiil. I que up for the 30 day campaign, and about 20s later I am in. I talk to the dude, tell him I want to skp the tutorial, he gives me 2 skill points, and I get the rapid maneuver skill. I was 12 in storm at that point, so I could drag the ultimate to the bar and put rapid maneuver on 5.

Then it was time for my crafted set. I made him a lvl 10 set of training gear with glyphs and set pieces from my main crafter (this is what that guy lives for, twinking out my next toon). And now he is parked in Vivec City with all of my other crafting alts, doing 7 writs a day and training riding. As the crafts level up, and I put in more skill points, I will roll the guy out to grab a few more skyshards to have enough skill points to continue. I will give him a good week or so and see what level he is. That crafting xp adds up.

Because I now have a JC, I was able to do a 5 piece Hunding’s Rage set, and a 5 piece Nights Silence set (one piece was an amulet), and I had antoher 2 piece partial set on rings alone. I can do this for an alt, but my JC is at 40 now with 4 traits unlocked and it will be some time before I can do end game stuff.


Damn Snydelee, nice writeup! Thanks!
I’m a fresh 50, and new to eso. I basically just camped Elswyer . Tons of great info here… maybe too much… Ha! Nahhh, it’ll just take me some time to absorb it all.

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Good stuff.

Thanks @Snydelee for taking the time to share your experiences. This is good info! :smiley:

I haven’t been able to play much this year yet. Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun. I still haven’t tried werewolf yet. Not sure which class I’d want to try it.

Tess turned my sorcerer into a vampire last fall, but I haven’t had a chance to level her skills. Thinking I might want to vamp my stamina nightblade now too.

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I hit the character limit on the OP. SO here we go with more bloggy stuff

UPDATE 9Jul2019

Things have progressed nicely since the past update. I am around CP375 now. My son and I presently are playing a pair of werewolves. His is a stamina Sorcerer, mine is a stamina Templar. He just hit 50 last weekend, and I finally convinced him to subscribe. ‘What else would give you more fun for the next 30 days for 15 dollars?’ I asked him. He is now ESO plus, which means we can group up for DLC content now, and he can do crafting stuff.

It seems like the end game sets drop from Undaunted chests, dungeon bosses, some zones etc. And it seems like you can upgrade them at the blacksmith, or clothier or whatever appropriate profession. This is how you get yellow quality. But if it drops with a trait you do not like, well it seems like you have to transmute it, which involves a trip to Clockwork City, and 50 transmutation crystals. We did 3 pledges for Undaunted last night, and got around 5 or so of those crystals. So switching a trait on a dropped piece is no simple matter.

But it gets better. It seems like you can only switch to a trait that you have researched. The bound stuff (which seems to be what drops) can be banked and picked up by any toon in your account, so I supposes you only need to have one character with the proper skill. My son when he realized this, he then understood he could not punt on crafting for this game as he had planned, and with the infinite crafting supply bank with ESO plus, that was what changed it for him too.

Now he was really stubborn. I had given him a level 10 training set at level 10, including offhand, which he could not even use at the time. He took that set and wore it all the way to 50. I said I would make him another set, and he insisted on playing that one to the end. I made him a cp100 set (which he was because his other toon which had hit 50 had made some CPs), and he said it was like night and day. I made him a tanky heavy set, and he then became ‘the tank’.

We spent a lot of time 2-manning public dungeons and world bosses. THe latter are much more challenging and fun. We also were running group delves as a 2 person group. He would taunt and bunker, and I would wear out the biting jabs key. I do this heavy weave thing, where I maintain 4 DoTs/buffs (Power of the Light, Biting Jabs, Rending Slashes, and Quick Cloak). Left click and hold, and stick one of those (whichever is about to fall off) on the target to clip. Things die fast. Repentance to heal from corpses.

Bosses are more of a challenge than groups. What we do is both of us go werewolf. Then whoever has agro runs around trying to stay alive, while the other pours on the DPS. When we start these world bosses, people will join in, but they fail to get the basic lesson. If you have agro, run, until someone else does. Werewolf is weird in its playstyle…when you zone you lose it. So we would use a regular delve to recharge the ultimate for WW transformation, then string together as many world bosses as possible in a row across the zone. Since we both took pack leader, there are another 4 wolves running along with us. Those other wolves are really helpful for sucking up agro from the bosses too.

So he hit 160CP yesterday, and then the theorycrafting began. What sets should we use for PvP? We intend to pack roam in Cyrodiil. So far we have decided on Draugr Hulk for the crazy stamina, Mighty Chudan for the Major Ward and REsolve (to not have to spam pots, and cap), and we are undecided on the 3rd set. I scored a training version of the shoulder piece on the Mighty Chudan set last night. Our aim is to cap health and resistance for regular penentration, and go nuts on stamina. We are going to try and do 5pc medium, 2 heavy.

My Kajit stamina Nightblade has progressed nicely as well. I finished Dark Brotherhood. There was really good story there, and skills now go to rank 12. In the end it was a lot of zoning. Zone out of the lair, zone from the waypoint to the target, zone back to Gold Coast, zone into the lair, turn in, get next target, repeat. I muffed the daily a couple of times. Once I tried to slip behind a target, managed to reveal myself, and fall down 2 levels into water with the zone howling for my blood. It is done now, and I am glad I did it. For long periods I was carrying bounty, and it was harrowing. I never would surrender and always run, which made it a lot of fun. You do get some of those writs which clear bounty, so it seems like running up enough to use a writ is worth it.

I am at Thieves Guild 9. I am doing much better at that. I got a perfect run on a heist, got 30 or so rep from it, two purple bags and some motifs. Super worth it. I am getting the knack of using hiding spots, and am very paranoid about wire traps.

He now sports a full yellow quality CP160 gear set, and is doing very well with 1-shotting a lot of targets. I got him to 50 JC, and now he gathers top end mats. He is very good at clearing surveys and treasure maps.

The rest of the alts, of which I now have 8 characters, are close to crafting done. The last one is going through woodworking and blacksmithing. All are low on JC, enchanting. This means most of the armor now coming in can be ground up by a level 50 pro with max yield on materials, and this is making it much easier to turn out a full set of crafted gear.


I must say you are AWESOME and my head still wants to :exploding_head:

Thank you

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Hahah too funny!

I do the same thing sometimes when I’m too lazy to travel to the craftable-set hubs and zone questing. Leveling is so fast though and you could probably streak through most of the general quests . Now, I have sets that I can send to my lowbies when my others grow out of them.

You guys have made some progress! Thanks for sharing again. The werewolf insight is nice to have. I wasn’t aware that you couldn’t zone transformed.

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Well, you might be able to zone transformed if the zone in time is short. In instances last night I was able to retain form going through doorway loads within that zone. But any kind of main enter/exit usually means a long load time and the transform falls off.

Ah, I see what you’re saying now! That’s what I was most concerned about - doors in dungeons. If it’s time-restricted, that’ll be easier. I guess you just need to keep feeding.

Tess bit me last night before my internet went out, so I’ll get to try werewolf out today.

Well I ran across a better build editor, and started looking at the patch notes, and I have something more to post.

This is the current Nightblade build I am looking at. When 5.1 drops there will be changes to something like this. If you like this build editor, you need to create a wiki account. I just gave it a junk gmail email and name, and now I can build and save.

This character should sneak at 178% speed, and sprint at 214% I found this wiki useful for understanding how speed works in this game. The basic form is something like this

Speed = (base)(1.1 if you have minor expedition)(1.3 if you have major expedition) + (bonuses)

That base goes up and down from 1 depending on if you are sneaking etc. This is where being a vampire helps with sneaking, or using the Night’s Silence set…it takes you from the 0.65 penalty on the base back to 1. Note that minor and major expeditions are multipliers on the base, so if you have both, you start at 1.43 and go from there. Everything else gets added as a modifier, IE

  • The Steed Mundus = 10% = 0.1
  • Windrunning from Champion The Lover = 2% = 0.02
  • 7 pieces of medium armor = 21% = 0. 21 for SPRINTING (discount for sneak)
  • concealed weapon Nightblade skill = 25% = 0.25 for SNEAKING
  • sprint = 40% = 0.4 for SPRINTING

and so on. Note you can either SPRINT or SNEAK but not both.

Regarding the build prior to 5.1 release. My aim here was to big hit from stealth, and see how disgusting the damage could get melee-wise without the bow. Bar 2 in both builds is the buff and run bar. When you are crossing ground and not fighting, or if you need to rebuff, or if you need to get away, you are on bar2. The pair of concealed weapon and shadowy disguise let you go invis and resneak at will. Channelled acceleration is both a crit damage buff (minor force, 36s) and major expedition (12s) and it does not break stealth. I put Temporal Guard as the ultimate there to reduce damage by 8% (minor protection). Whether I take Mirage/Phantasmal Escape in the pre5.1 build, or Momentum/Rally in the Post 5.1 build depends on whether or not Ambush lets me gap close while snared. If so, then I can dispense with the snare clear and take Mirage/Rally. In pre 5.1 Mirage is there for greater evasion your defense against AOE. THen the last buff ability on bar 2 is Leeching Strikes, which ups survivability and sustain a lot.

Bar 1 is the same in both builds except for my spammer skill. Pre patch, Power Extraction is a 8m AOE that does around 7K dmg to all targets, and buffs you with 20s of brutality. Hard to beat for AOE spamming. Post patch, they nerf the damage down to around 3K on this AOE skill, and remove brutality from it, and replace it with a weapon damage debuff to enemies hit. Post patch they improve Silver shards with increased main target damage, increased AOE damage, hitting everyting in the 5m radius at 28yd range, with it being a Fighter’s Guild attack (and more dmg v undead/ww/daedra) and lower stamina. That looks pretty good post patch. Else I will go to something like cleave from 2H.

I like 2H because the 6% damage buff from swords via the passive goes to the abilities, and that means everything hits harder. You can squeak out more AOE with a dual wield build, but you give up some buff stacking.

Here is the open pre-5.0, with ultimate

bar 1- mark target
bar 2- channel, mirage, leech, shadowy disguise
bar 1- ambush, light, (power extract, light)xN, (killer blade, light)xN til dead
mark next target and repeat ambush sequence

Here is what is going on when you do this

  • Mark strips off 5280 spell and phys resist for 20s, and when you kill it you get a major berserk for 5s and do 25% more damage.
  • Channeled Acceleration gives you major force, or +10% crit damage for 36s
  • Mirage gives you evasion (25% less AOE damage taken) and minor ward/resolve (1320 spell/phys resist for 26s)
  • Leeching strikes means as you light weave you get stamina and health back, and it kicks in with 4K stam as it expires, which ups your sustain
  • Shadowy Disguise makes you invisible, sneak can not be broken, and guarantees the next hit crits
  • When you swap to Bar 1, Cammo Hunter gives you major savagery upping weapon critical rating by 2191
  • When you ambush, you port to your target. Since it came from invis/sneak with a guaranteed crit, you now may activate the minor berserk (8% dmg for 5s) from Cammo Hunter (needs to flank). You also crit, and Hemmorrhage 2 says now the whole group gets minor savagery for 20s, 1320 weapon critical rating. Ambush also applies a minor vulnerability to your target, where they take 8% more damage for the next 8s. Also the next light attack you do does 40% more, so as you lightweave Power Extract, you gain major brutality (20% weapon damage) and you start to melt your main target and soften up those around. WHen they are in execute range (25%) you finish with killer blade light weaving. Killer blade hits like a truck in execute range, and it heals you when what you are smacking dies. When it croaks you Berserk for 25% more damage, and you mark and ambush and repeat the thing on the next guy. Always you lightweave while doing this, IE light attack, mark, light attack, ambush, light attack, power extract, light attack, killer blade.

Now if you really want to dent it or make it dead fast, put in an incapacitating strike between the ambush and power extract. That applies a major vulnerability (20% more damage taken) to your target, hits like a truck, and gives you even more stamina/magicka return from lightweaving.

Post 5.1 you need to get Momentum or Rally to get the brutality buff, but the good news is at that time you will also get major evasion from the same ability.

This is all about quick bursting of targets, something you can do a lot of while soloing.

If your buffs fall off, go to bar 2, block if necessary or go invis, then rebuff things. You will need the 20s duration buffs more quickly than that channel.

Now I wanted mark on bar 1 since the strip of defenses combined with high crit chance and high crit damage should let you burst stuff down.

The other 1-shot build I have is fun in other ways. When you land Dizzy swing from stealth and buffed, that thing decks one guy cold. But then you are in melee range and you have to use the bow for AOE. If you AOE, you can lock them down in that arrow barrage with bombard, and melt the whole group, but post 5.1 they nerf Arrow barrage a lot (tick damage every 1s instead of 0.5s), so I was looking for something that might fare better then. I think this new build may offer good survival and good burst for groups and singles with the same 2H weapon.

On another note Here is my Werewolf Templar as he stood last night.

I am still running around in crafted gear. I suspect this weekend I will begin to score some of the dungeon sets and things will change.

I am pretty happy with Bar1. It is the main DPS bar. I will probably take the other morph of Rending slashes, but for now the bleed damage is a lot of pressure. I load up with cloak, power of the light, rending, and biting, and try to keep the buffs all running. I moved restoring focus to the 5-slot, and this is a beast. IT gives you 5K spell/phys resist, and if you stand in it, your total spell/phys resist goes up by 50%. This lets you spam jabs in big packs with safety.

Bar2 I like 4 of the 5 skills. Blinding Javelin is just not that useful in PvE. But cleansing is, and so to is the brutality buff from momentum, and so too is the channel. Repentence is still solid. Best case, I was pulling around 18K DPS in human form, and 24K in Werewolf form according to the DPS meter last night. Movement heavy fights drop my DPS.

So I will likely re-jigger the whole thing to the 2h/1h-Shield build. One of the big problems is it seems that Templar leans torwards crits, but all of that goes away in WW, and straight stamina is better for WW since it gets the 30% multiplier. The good news is ultimate does seem to come back pretty fast and I can wolf for bosses, and Templar until it is back. This likely means I might be able to lose WW and not cry and weep in Cyrodiil.


Got a lot of play in last weekend with my son. Wife went out of town to get together with her college roomates.

I am starting to sell stuff via the trader better. I had ignored that part previously and just vendored stuff or ground it up for crafting advancement. I got Master Merchant up and running and have it only load on 1 alt that does nothing but craft and post, as well as my salvager alt. Finally all 8 of my toons are maximum cloth/blacksmith/woodwork, so I am grinding up stuff for materials now. You have to run the Tamriel trade app in documents under the Master Merchant mod to update prices, but once you do so, you now have a tooltip that lets you know which items sell. My rule- if its average price is less than 1000g, I grind it up. But this results in a large number of Bind on Equip items I can post for profit, and I have maxed out 30/30 listings on the 1 trading guild I am in outside of OTG. I figure maybe with a backlog of stuff I can refill the postings during the week when I do not have a lot of game time. Sales have been slow, maybe 1-3 a day. That guild requires either 150K sales per month or 5000g fee, I paid the latter since I generate so much gold from writs now.

My son and I have started to itemize our Werewolves for PVP. Here is what I am going for now, with Mighty Chudan as the monster set (head and shoulders), Hulking Draugr’s 5 piece set for stamina, and the Prisoner’s set for sprint and magicka recovery. These sets should give what you need in WW form.

We started running pledges (3/day) at the Undaunted compound outside of Elden Root. Queue times are fast when we queue as tank + DPS. I got both a heavy and medium version of the Mighty Chudan shoulders and have 12 keys to spare. My son has missed every single roll for getting any of that. I suppose that is the problem with random results. His champion level is still too low to run the instance for the head piece, so we are holding off on that. We still run Undaunted pledges as we both need rep and he still needs the shoulders. All those keys are good for is the shoulders btw. I think we are around lvl 8 Undaunted, and yesterday the set of 3 quests got me 100 rep. There is a repeatable quest you can push it worth 10 rep each, typically sends you into a delve someplace. Not that hard, but since we are doing pledges there is not much point in doing that repeatable daily.

So we started grinding for Prisoner. This drops in Cold Harbor. Our first attempt was to do world bosses. That was slow, and we got a lot of the blessed pieces. Also we do not want any armor pieces of Prisoner since it is light, except for the belt. Now the hard part here is the build calls for impenetrable pieces, and since we are going to be very limited on transmutation crystals, it makes sense to keep farming until we get the traits we want.

We went on to try the public dungeon, and got pretty good at mowing that down as a duo. There is a route you can run in it to maximize the shots at bosses, but people were complaining and the dungeon was too crowded on Saturday. So we decided to go look for chests.

Chests in Cold Harbor can drop jewelry. What really made a breakthrough here was an addon called Harvestor, which puts giant colored pins in game to show you where stuff is, and it adds them to the map as well. This mod changed our life and really upped the amount of materials we could get. I used filters on the map to turn off wood, fiberous plants on it. We mainly go for treasure chests and platinum. You need a crazy amount of platinum, that when refined, has a chance to yield the yellow quality upgrade materials which is the way you upgrade dropped set jewelry to yellow quality. I think after all of the platinum I processed, I have enough to upgrade a single ring. You can not get this from deconstruction by the way. Only raw material refined.

Anyway with that mod I was able to map out a route in Cold Harbor to hit the chests. I got on my speedy stealth Nightblade, and was able to go close to mount speed across the zone, forcing locks on every chest. Doing this not only gave us jewelry, but also it gave us a lot of weapons. I have yet to see a mace drop, but we did get impen/shield, and a 2h sword with defensive piercing. It is by doing this that I am getting a whole lot of BOE stuff that I can now sell for profit on the guild trader. We did decide to go 5-1-1 after I got an impenetrable Prisoner belt. This meant that my purple amulet and ring were good enough, and all I am hunting for now is well traited maces. Prisoner is a DPS loss for stamina Templar, but it is more survival in PvP.

We tried our hand at Hulking Draugr. We ran that instance about 6x, and have pieces in all slots, but they are not of the right trait. I have yet to see impenetrable drop. The good news is one of the rings I got is purple, so I only need to get 4 pieces from there of the right trait. So we have a lot more grinding to do there. We are getting better at it, knowing when to mega-pull (son and I run straight to boss, where we mass kill everything that chases, this tends to confuse the PUGs, but it does speed up clear time).

I did try out my PVE build of stamina Templar in Cyrodiil. I have 5pcs Nightmother and 5pcs Hundings, with a 2h axe main and 2x1h axes for DW. Power of the light is a major thing. You stick a single with that and they just run. My Templar was doing OK, but got zerged a couple of times. I did get ambushed in a Cyrodiil delve by a sorcerer, and got flustered and died, so I have a ways to go yet. I finally have all of the stuff I want on my Templar skill point wise, so at this point it is just about champion level (now around 405CP) and gear.

We also queued for Imperial City. Why? To get the mats for Triune enchants. I dropped 48K gold on triune jewelry for my JC, and he is about done researching that trait. While we are going to use dropped rings, you can only transmute to a trait you have researched. The way you get the mats for Triune is to buy them for stones from the vendor in Imperial City sewers. You need 5000 stones to buy 1 rune. We ran around in the sewers getting all of the skyshards and points of interest. My advice- if you see a champion, which you will as you get deep into enemy territory, do not engage it. You will die and lose your stones. We did go topside too, and got rolled by the enemy which seemed to be fully PVP geared and honed at their abilities. I suppose if we do this in the future, we need to come in geared and grouped to pull it off. I did not get a single rune for about 2hrs of running Imperial City.

My nightblade is a lot of fun now. I made a lot of progress with him, completing both the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild. The latter went a lot faster than the former. It is nice having both, since I can blade of woe extra NPCs to get at a chest, or woe them on the 3rd pickpocket. Picking pockets for me is almost sloppy time. I just go in and go for it, take on the heat. I have so much of those edicts which clear heat, and my passive heat loss means much of it goes away.

I tried out this build, and I did not like it so much. While power extraction is AOE, and it has a pretty good radius, it is a slowish channel animation. It will get nerfed next patch. I did put in Silver Shards/Fighter’s Guild, and like that quite a lot. It has a range on it, and buffed I can range hard hit groups. I am going to play around with it more. I tried execution from 2H, but that is not so good, and I hardly use Killer’s Blade anymore. So I will tinker around with it some. Maybe I will go ranged again with Bow.

I did score a Jailbreak set from doing Banished Cells runs on my Templar, and I upgraded this set and now have permanent minor expedition. I continue to use either Channeled Acceleration or Charging Maneuver on top. I have been using Charging Maneuver more because it uses Magicka which does not compete with stamina in stealth, and they are going to nerf the duration of Charging Maneuver for run speed next patch anyway.

Now where I am having most fun with my NB is doing chest runs in zones. You want the 75pt champion talent for upgraded gear in chests, and you will want maximum force lock. But this guy can really zip across the zone and get a lot of rewards doing so. It would be nice when I hit CP 450, since then I can get the 75pt champion skill that improves gathering. For now I take the chest ability, since getting those purple items is better than blue.

I am not sure if doing treasure maps is worth it for me now. I make so much more doing speed chest runs in a zone than I do by going for some of those treasure maps, but for now I have been combining the two activities. I really hate getting back on my Templar who does not have force lock, and I have to do the manual slow tumbler picking method.

On a grand PVP goals list, I am still torn on whether to go with my Nightblade or Templar. Both are fun in different ways. I am not sure my son and I will be able to pull off permanent WW, and right now everyone is running around with Dawnbreaker for the 5% weapon damage ability, which means you get chunked hard by that in WW form. I think I will need a solid PVP Templar build that bursts with WW. For the Nightblade, I am still torn between a crit heavy melee spec, and a ranged snipe spec. I want to run him in the delves in Cyrodiil next weekend to see how much PVP stuff he scores from chest runs that way.

Update 17Jul2019

Not sure if anyone has the endurance to keep reading this stuff, but I put it down anyway as a lengthy load screen read for anyone else to pour over, perhaps to see how players evolve in understanding of this game over time.

My son and I have been agonizing over how to make a multi purpose PVP build with werewolves. Werewolves work great in battlegrounds and for Imperial City. In fact, they are kings of the sewars if you build right using the Imperial Physique set. But in Cyrodiil where you have long distances with low monster density and distance between battles, the perma werewolf is hard to pull off. It drops, then you have to build up ultimate again in human form, and the gear you would wear to optimize WW is not optimal for human form. So if you are going with a Cyrodiil build, odds are you want to use WW as a burst button. I think the trick we identified is the Balorgh monster set which adds weapon damage equal to twice the ultimate spent means you could transform at 500U into WW and get +1000 weapon damage in WW and just have 10s of glorious wrecking.

The thing that decided it for us was this Imperial city farm build. The Imperial Physique set adds 7K stamina, which then gets boosted by WW form to something obnoxious, and if you build right you can just 1v5 as a WW there, and even take down the guardians. The set is not too bad outside of Imperial City either, so you could also run the same perma WW there. I think right now we are leaning towards Prisoner/Mighty Chudan/Imperial Physique so you get sprint replenish of Magicka in WW, and you get perma Major Ward/Resolve in WW on top of the disgusting stats from the Imperial set. You can buy the set for stones, and it is not that expensive, and this means you can buy it in the traits/slots you need, so gearing is not so bad. But this toon, as fun as it would be in Imperial City, will not work for Cyrodiil.

So my son watched a Nightblade snipe video in Cyrodiil, and he wants to do that with me. Both of us time our long range snipe on the same target to take out at the same time. Hell, if any of you want to join us in this fun, come on down. THis works for me because I have my wonderful Kajit Nightblade with a ton of skillpoints and all of the thieving stuff unlocked, and I love playing him. My son would have to take one of his alts and run it up to 50 though…not going to happen immediately, but it will.

So the plan then becomes do devise a build that can wreck stuff on the alpha strike. RIght now I am thinking something like this, with maybe a few skill subs, and the gear is not quite right. Our thinking right now is we will need to have high penetration to pull this off since most people are sitting around with high resistances. This drives us to a divine build with the penetration mundus, maybe a Spriggans set for more penetration, and opting for that in the CP lines as well. That basic build I have goes 4 fighters guild skills on the main bar for 12% weapon damage, one assassination skill to keep the crit bonus from the assassination passives (and mark to strip more armor). For now dawnbreaker for the slot bonus. Post patch maybe shift. Horn on back bar ultimate gives Major force. Minor force from channeled acceleration. Brutality from Rally. Mirage for minor wards and evasion to not get one shot.

We are thinking crafted Twice Born Star would be great with the double mundus, picking up the pen mundus and maybe weapon damage mundus. Go for 7x divine to amplify the mundus effects, and see how high we can get our damage.

Now Nightblade can guarantee a crit on the opening shot by using shadowy cloak, and this means you can plan for that, and count on all the effects that trigger from the first crit to take place for the 2nd. So snipe, snipe, go invis and try again. We were thinking one could mark as the first snipe is about to land, then pile on snipes. From what I can tell we should be hitting pretty hard on these targets in those shots, maybe able to even take out a well geared tank if we pull off 3 snipes coordinated.

I can not yet make that set, just completing my 6th JC trait (next one will likely be swift, even if I have to buy it). I am really curious how much speed boost you can get from swift jewelry. I can do the high-speed sneak and chest routine in Bangkorai to gather the pieces of Spriggans, and that should be fun.

The other thing that I have discovered is this addon Dressing Room Reborn which will let me quickly swap skills and armor depending on whether I PVP or PVE. The big rub- skill points. YOu need enough to have all of the skills you need for both builds. I am at or near that point now on both toons. THis means I can carry around a PVP set and a PVE set, and not compromise either.