Beware of GDKP runs

I’ve been seeing a lot of folks getting caught up in bans/suspensions for gold selling/distribution as a result of participating in GDKP runs, especially in Classic. Much of the time, these bans are overturned when the person is innocent, but it doesn’t appear to be guaranteed.

This is just a heads up it’s been happening more often, and to be careful with whom you are exchanging gold. GDKP runs are not against Bliz’s terms, but they are “unsupported”. It is a popular way to essentially launder stolen or purchased gold. Thus all of the recent bans. Please be careful.

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What is a GDKP run? I’ve never heard of it so I am probably ok.

Gold DKP. I put together a run. If you want loot, you’ll bid gold for it. Highest bid wins. At the end of the run, the gold is distributed equally amongst those that didn’t get loot (or everyone, depending on the leader).


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