Beware in game scam

About 1 AM California time (a few minutes ago) I received an in-game chat from (think spelling is…) Blízzards indicating some sort of problem and to go to some site that ALMOST sounded like a legit sight, or to be banned. They were a lev 52 (or 55?) DK per the msg mouse over, so seemed like a NEW toon.

Since my toon was idle in an inn for a few minutes when it arrived, and the sender was a Bliz “knock-off” (close but not a normally familiar name), I tried to report it, but couldn’t figure out how (ok…I was having a Ginger Moment lol).

They probably already are scamming with a diff name but if someone knows how to report that fake Bliz name and wants to …?

Anyway, be aware (esp new folks) that such scams can appear.
Please feel free to respond with your best suggestions, even if that is “simply to ignore it.”

Thx all and Happy Thursday.


Simply ignore them. They’ve been around since forever. If they’re still online you can right-click report them for I think harassment.

But basically, you should never, ever respond to these kind of things. The extremely rare circumstance where a GM will contact you will always be from your own requests, and they’re extremely easy to identify.

I guess they changed from sending emails :slight_smile:

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Remember when they duplicated a mess of lvl 1 priests and spelled out websites in SW with them? :rofl:

All those dead gnomes in the bank plaza in Ironforge! I’d forgotten about that. Where did they do it in Org?

But, yeah, Splutty is right: The phishers have been doing that fake-GM thing, off and on, for years. Never hurts to give folks a heads up, though.

Arguing with them, at your entertainment to annoy them could be a way to cheer up your day. Be like, “ok I went to that site but it gave me a 404. Any suggestions” pretend to go along with it, be smart about it though and don’t go through with it. All that being said it could be fun messing with them in return, my father loves it when a telemarketer calls for the same principle.

This has been going on for years.