Beta-A Little help

So I was in OTG Beta-A, which apparently was disbanded yesterday. I know there was only 4 - 6 of us active in there, but no word or warning was a crappy thing to do ( I know the leaders are busy with everything going on, plus the Beta Leader hadn’t been on for 15+ days).

I know there are at least 4 guilds still in game and those will most likely change due to people not playing as much, but for us (me) who is part of New World and part of OTG, what am I suppose to do now.? Do I needed to submit a new app for a new company request or just jump in Discord and ask one of the CO’s or XO’s?

I know there is a lot going on with the merger and the Yellow, and I should have said something last night, but I need a little time to cool off, I have been playing since day one and almost 400hrs playing. I craft, PvE, not to the point to PvP yet, taking my time on that. I have two I play with in Sigma (Letum and Nymrix).

Syobloot (Slyo in Game)

It was announced on Discord in advance. Im not sure what the big deal is.

Head over to Discord and post in the Invites-Current-Open-Company section for an invite.

Thanks, I must have missed in Discord.

Not trying to make it a big deal, just work sucked the last two day and then logging in to that was just adding to the pile. Sorry for the rant. :slight_smile:

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Come to Kappa!
We are a very friendly bunch and we would love to have you with us!

Slyo. We will be sad if you need to take some time off. However, we also understand. If you need anything in game or out to help you, please give us a hollar.