Best (opinion) guides, charts, what-to-do guidance for LA here

By way of explanation, many of us have been researching , studying , agonizing over LA, looking over seemingly endless data answering both basic and advanced questions. (For those new to the game or merely interested I should digress here and point out that LA is a fully formed and functioning game and has been around for 3+ years)
So what tends to happen in this guild, when our members wake up from their nap, have their warm bowl of soup and get around to wondering what to play–they end up “discovering” the game. This can be a bit of a bother for the rest of us, presuming we are awake, as we now are on the receiving end of endless questions which have already been asked and answered multiple times. Not wishing to be seen as dicks we then take time from our gaming to answer all the questions; which come at multiple times from multiple members. Discord flat does not work as it scrolls far too swiftly so–how about we all pick our best choice on guides, websites, progression charts, basic information–and post it here.
I will start:

And another:

And this is what to do if you’re a min/maxxer. If you’re like me and just want to experience the gameworld, than this can probably be safely ignored. :slight_smile:


Please put a link in your post so we can read it all, other than just seeing the chart.

Thanks for what is here though.

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True, please post your constructive ideas so we can all appreciate the non min/max experience.

That is just the chart Fin. I’m old, I can’t read it, where if I can see the actual article I can make it bigger, for my very old eyes…

Yes, i had the same problem. Open the chart, move your mouse until you see the pointer with the circle +, left click–that should blow up the chart to full screen. I am really old so I have to be–sly.

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That worked great. Thank you Fin!!!

Like I said–sly.

I’ve been watching a couple of Youtubers…links below. All of them have been playing in either Russia or Korea.

Sywo Youtube

Legacy Gaming

Stoopzz Youtube

Sywo has been playing for quite some time, and has a lot of experience…he’s said he’ll have more info up closer to launch. legacy plays all games and Stoopzz was a LONG TIME WoW player who got frustrated like a lot of us and quit, a few weeks later he started playing LA

Here is an FAQ and a guide by Saintone:

I’ll add this one to the list too:

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