Best crafting hub?

I was hoping to pick your brains as to the best crafting hub. Currently I am using Alinor in Summerset. I have asked for guild invites, so maybe the guild has a nice spot? I like that hub there because all of the crafting stations are there, including jewelry crafting, and I do not have to zone in and out of doors. The bank is a little inconvenient, and I have to leave the area for mount training.

The main goal here is to avoid zoning. I hate waiting on loads.

So is there a place that has

  • all the craft stations with no loads going through rooms and doors
  • a convenient bank
  • stables for daily training without having to do a long ride or zone
  • and super bonus, a thieves guild where you can fence, sell, and bank nearby?

Right now I port between Alinor/Summerset and Velyn Harbor/Malabal Tor. Alinor is crafting, and Velyn Harbor is Thieves guild and mount training (you can immediately log off at mount trainer). The Thieves Guild is pretty easy to get to if you head east, and you can come in with a bounty and easily slip by guards. I do crafting writs and stable training daily, and tend to bank stuff after I do the writs.

Vivec city
All crafting/bank/stable/wayshrine close. Not sure about thieves guild.

Thieves guild is really close as well.

The new city in Elsweyr has an excellent crafting area. I can’t recall off the top of my head the locations of the bank, TG or mount trainer, tho.

Vivec City was a great tip, thanks. My new home.

Vivec City has everything right there, the only Zoning is to the Thieves guild and it is just below the Crafting area. I Log right there with all 4 of my Toons each day.


Sounds like you have one of the best places out there right now (Alinor). Vivec City is OK, but more spread out than Summerset. Eylswer is OK, but the bank and stable way out of the way though… (Even worse than Vivec’s bank and stable…). As far as grinding crafting, Alinor is the tightest locale.

I agree that Alinor/Summerset is the best place so far for grinding most crafting. The thieves guild is a little inconvenient, but not too bad at least in my opinion.

I’m still on autopilot with porting to Rawl’kha in Reaper’s March.

When Summerset launched, I tried Alinor for a while, but everything is so spread out.

In Rawl’kha, the bank, thieves guild, crafting stations, stable, wayshrine, and writ turn-in camp are all in the main courtyard. The only zoning is into the bank or thieves guild.

Sometimes, I’ll travel to the nearest city in the zone I’m in, so there’s no zone-loading and I can look for quests, but Rawl’kha is still faster even if I have to load from another zone.