Beating the twitch

I have stated that dispite age, slower reaction speed and going to bed early I am tired of these young whippersnappers whose only known RL talent is adding fries to my order, dictating my game enjoyment. In short, I intend to fight. So how do we level the playing field against some of these people --assuming no one is running an exploit.
One thing I have been successfully experimenting with is re-structuring the keyboard commands. For example I find that even with practice Q,R, And F are cumbersome for me to use as is swapping weapons between 1 and 2. ( These are all default settings in the game) (Just so you know) I use an old Logitech 12 button mouse (there are many multiple button mice out there, you may want to consider one) so the first thing I want to do is switch weapons more efficiently. In the Settings there is a “swap” weapon setting that has no default setting so I removed the weapons from #1 and #2 and ran the weapons swap key–much better . Then I used the freed up 1 and 2 and freed up 3 and replaced the Q, R and F.
Now all those are controlled by my mouse buttons --thus beating the twitch.
You do not need a multi button mouse , my point is all of the settings can be set to make your individual usage more comfortable and more efficient.
If you have not played with this during Beta–you still have time left and I suggest you do.
Your call of course but clearly all the default settings can be adjusted, I have found it makes a difference in block, use of weapon specialties etc. etc.
Try it–beat the twitch.


Great suggestions. I remapped many of my keybinds as well to fit my play style and at the time very sore thumb. Turns out it stuck with me.

Have you thought of using a Game pad controller? I started using one in wow and havent looked back. With one hand I can use all my abilities and my right hand move my character. Its very handy (hehe). It took a few days to get the hang of it but its fantastic and helps with hand fatigue etc. Razr has a great one and they are $50 ish.

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I was having some difficulty as well with the keymap that is defulat to the game.

While I did not do it during beta I will setup and profile and keymap with my Razer Tartarus once the game is launched to make my life eaiser.

As a longtime MMO 12 button mouse user, I found it easier for me to remap Q to weapon swap and weapon skills to 1, 2, 3 and consumables to 4, 5, 6. 7.


I am going to try to map my xbox controller. Since there are very few skill buttons it should be easy. I will share the file/method when I do.

I also have the Microsoft x-box controller … but I didn’t get around to remapping. Controller functionality should be in-game at release … :wink:

That is a great idea. The game I bet will work fantastic with a controller. Ill have to give that a try.

Bah, true Old Timers never learned how to use a controller. Our thumbs are useless haha.


My setup as a Healer:

The Mouse

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I mapped weapon swap to mouse scroll up/down. I may change it to something else later on but that worked really well. I also have 18 key mouse

Which mouse model is that Maal?
I was thinking about adding a backup with more buttons for MMO’s.
logitech g600. I have tried them all including razor and i LOVE this one. I even bought a spare for backup lol
Only $36 amazon

That is the one I use.

I was looking at the 2/6/12 swappable button offering, but it ain’t no $36. Thanks man.
Razer Naga Pro

I tried the Naga and returned it. I like the G600 better than all the ones I tried.

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I use the Razer Naga and I am now on my second one (With the magnetic swappable side plate). I find it much easier to play twitchy games in need of lots of buttons. I also try to use a GamePad where possible for lots of boring reasons… but ya M/KB rule… But it pain and discomfort trumps everything.

My Naga when new was great. However, every razer mouse I have owned always tends to stop working at some point or another. I used my G13 forever and it finally broke this year so I got a Razer gamepad but dont like it as much as the G13. I just got a G600 in the mail this week so going to be giving that a try upon launch.